Long thick Yue – Kam Lake Tourism Sohu winlinez

Long Yue – Sohu thick Kam Lake Tourism in Shaoxing Keyan scenic spot with the variety show running man recording and goddess Fan Bingbing "Wu Zetian" one of the shooting location, reputation is getting louder and louder. TV drama "Wu Zetian" in Keyan scenic area in front of the Buddha shooting, filming for three days, whether local or overseas Fan Ye fans to see the scenic beauty Fan Ye Wai yanyanshishi. Choose to go by ship Keyan in Shaoxing is not new, Shaoxing had waterways accessible, water transportation convenience. Jianhu Lake Provincial Scenic Spot, but also the people of Shaoxing a river. In recent years, with the results of five water co governance increasingly apparent. More and more suitable for sightseeing, leisure vacation. The older people in Shaoxing because of Jianhu water quality characteristics, Shaoxing wine is the water brewing. There is not only the unique natural scenery on both sides of Jianhu for, there are many places of historic interest and scenic beauty color. Jianhu formerly known as Jinghu, it is said that the Yellow Emperor cast mirror this name. Jianhu water quality characteristics, the world famous Shaoxing wine, with the water brewing Keyan scenic areas with the most wonderful cloud bone, known as the best in all the land stone, is a marvel of a quarry in Sui and Tang dynasties. Cloud bone body twists and turns, narrow width, like an upside down cloud bone pagoda, 30 meters high, the bottom circumference is only 4 meters. Far view like a column of smoke, curl off, it is also called the " column; fine smoke ". On the Guangxu Dynasty carved " cloud bone " the word, the word higher than people. Top green cypresses, Qiu Zhi crossfall, according to research for more than 1000 years of age. The heavenly Buddha carved in a giant rock in Maitreya alone, statues. 27.3 meters high, the statue of Buddha carved from the ground up to 5.5 meters, height of 11.3 meters. Two elves play on the fingers of Buddha, so that the Buddha can not be less spiritual. The ancient stage was Shaoxing’s one of the main places of entertainment culture heritage, water on the stage every day staged in Shaoxing local opera classic scenic spots: Shaoxing Shaoju Lianhualao and sunset lake like Mr. Yu Qiuyu wrote: sun again old Jianhu, let every ray of wine still pure, let every corners intact, let every childhood not wither, so that every piece of their homes become pure land, I jianhu.相关的主题文章: