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Longtan Valley: Jing purple mountains bike riding riding race upcoming tourism channel Luoyang Longtan scenic gorge scenic mountains and Jing Zi will be riding riding race on September 24th – 25, jointly organized the 2016 "low carbon" bicycle. The event organized by the Luoyang Wanshan Lake Tourism Co., Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic, scenic mountains, Jing Zi Xin’an County youth association. It is understood that this event is riding the line starting point for the Longtan Grand Canyon gate square, along the road into the area, ride to the Shijing bridge north gate, along the S246 Road northbound to Jing purple mountains scenic square, the entire 17 km. The cycling event set up one or two, three and other awards a total of 13, lucky prize of 30. Where the registration and the provisions of the time to complete the race of the riders can get a quick dry T-shirt and a souvenir ticket 1. Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is located in Luoyang north of Xin’an County, is the national 5A level scenic spots, the world geological park, is the red rock gorge group geological landscape dominated Canyon Scenic area. Jing Zi scenic mountains, from the Longtan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot only half an hour, the main peak of Tiantan peak 829 meters above sea level, is the best spots to watch the scenery on both sides of the Xiaolangdi Dam in the Yellow River reservoir.   click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > Chinese; > (commissioning editor: Zhao Yuanyuan (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: