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Love and love Sohu halogen pig tail – halogen pig tail and pig ears, pig tail is long in pigs the tip of the delicious "quick", also known as the "arena skin skin", "throw not tired", "tail", composed of cortex and Beck, and almost everyone love the rich and waxy colloid and tough. One evening in the summer of 1966, the 4 year old mother took me to the home near the hotel gongnongbing, with twenty – five cents to buy a halogen pig tail let me bite. In my memory, that is my life the first smell of meat incense, wonderful taste that still remain in my mouth. A halogen pig tail will often start to bite not eating too clean, and a small piece of chewing, the golden skin fragrant glutinous rice to eat, spit out the bones with some muscles. When chew addiction, play every day to buy mother a halogen pig tail, eating experience is rich, the right hand left hand tail tail head, upper and lower incisors from right to left side of the harmonica like biting and chewing side rotation, eventually leaving a dinosaur fossils. The coccyx constantly complete. (photograph on the network) shiny halogen pig tail that a 1966 wine from far away, only the wisps of halogen fragrant and love of the mother quietly floated into 1980s, the Chinese people always drink mang. Then the field wandering poet at the door, we usually go to the street stalls Lucai cut some meat for halogen PigHead, if these poets also can be called "blood brothers", then we will go and get some more advanced than the halogen pig tail or PigHead meat stewed duck to wine. The poet Li Yawei said, this is called a pig tail from the spectators. The summer of 1986, I from his home in Youyang to Chongqing to see the poet never met before Liu Taiheng, then the business tycoon or military medical department of burns, doctor, sideline, poetry and fan box (saying, girlfriend). We meet in his dormitory, did not say two words, he bent down from under the bed out of empty bottles, asked me to go out to play bulk liquor, and then bought four halogen pig tail and a pig ear. At that time, I wanted to be a tycoon when I was a "blood brothers". We went back to the dormitory and drank it, and one of them was gnawing at a pig’s tail, which was touching and pliable. He talked about the poem and talked about his unit! In the history of the Chinese menu, it is difficult to find a pigtail into the dishes dishes. I am in the Qing Dynasty Tong Yuejian compiled the "tripod set" to find a "dry father": the pigtail inch section, add sauce, wine, pepper, salt burn. This is similar to our modern halogen pigtail. It was published in 1981 China financial press "·" in Sichuan Chinese recipe; found an almost lost "burning band tail tongue: the pig tongue placed in boiling water boil for 3 minutes, scraping the rough skin, cut into five inch long and four wide. Pigtail scraping washed, cut into five inch long. All washed, Sheng into the bowl, on the steamer to six mature removed, cut into one inch five minutes long. Each on a wok, lard oil, ginger (fluff), onion flavor, add to the pig tongue and tail fry for about 2 minutes, then add broth, Shaoxing wine, candy.相关的主题文章: