Lufeng plans to introduce the production version and free facelift X7 (video)-govos

Lufeng plans to introduce the production version of the modified X7 and Xiaoyao Xiaoyao [Abstract] Landwind concept car will be listed on the Guangzhou auto show in 2017 2017, will also launch facelifted X7 at present, we show 2016 in Guangzhou (micro-blog) was informed from the official land, land free concept car will be listed on the 2017 Guangzhou auto show. At the same time, land will be launched in 2017 X7 facelift, while also planning new small SUV. Lufeng Xiaoyao concept car appearance, free Landwind vehicles using the concept of dense banner grille, with rough chrome trim throughout the headlights, the entire front is very tension. Power, Landwind proms or will be powered by a 1.5T engine, matching with the CVT gearbox Bangqi, can simulate the 9 speed gearbox. Cash Landwind X7 Landwind in addition, 2017 will launch a facelift X7. Appearance, Lufeng facelift X7 continues in the overall design of basic shape, and still have the shadow of the aurora. However, in the details of the design, all the modified X7 is will make a significant adjustment, to make it look less like aurora. The appearance of the controversial Guangzhou show a new interpretation of X7 Landwind power, Landwind new X7 will continue with a 2.0T engine, maximum power 190Ps, peak torque of 250N· M. Transmission system, which is matched with a 8 speed automatic transmission. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: