Luohe Henan marathon alleged fraud organizers communication

Henan Luohe marathon is refers to communication problems scam organizers: original title: Luohe marathon is refers to the site’s scam found empty organizers said "staff error" according to the Chinese voice of "peak Evening News" report, recently called a Chinese first marathon Scam – Henan Luohe marathon is suspected shadow game "article, led the industry’s attention many runners. The article said that in October 30 Japan should be a marathon contest held in Luohe the day after the pay registration contestants this day arrived at the venue, but found the scene empty, the legendary Luohe first mini Marathon had "disappeared". After the incident, there is no one for participants to explain. Some people think that the marathon is a hoax. Registration: no one likes to run the site, usually in Beijing to work. In late October he plans to go to Henan on business in Luohe, running in the marathon registration website "love burning", see the Luohe local a "Luohe City, the first run for love ring Shali River Mini marathon" project. So Mr. Wang reported through the site, but also to pay 100 yuan registration fee. However, in October 29th, the day before the game, Mr. Wang came to Luohe but found something wrong, because until the day before the game he did not receive notice of the organizers or love to burn the platform. Mr. Wang recalled that at that time felt the problem, but also have fantasy. Because before the general game organizers will notify the players to collect the relevant equipment, inform the organizing committee contact, and even be able to query the number of players to participate in the competition, but these things are not. We also went to the scene of a trip, the results did not find what build shelf, table. Second days in accordance with the entry time of more than 7 points, and found no one." Reporter query love burning website, found the name "Luohe’s first run for love ring Shali River Mini marathon" project. The rules of the game include the time, place, route, award setting, division of responsibilities, participation methods and matters needing attention. Mr. Wang and the scene more than a dozen players believe that he suffered a scam. There is a public release of the individual WeChat article said that this is China’s first marathon scam, Luohe marathon is a shadow event. Mr. Wang said, when planning is well written, "said what leadership over the gun, but the day did not see what even the table are not built." Organizers: communication problems this marathon, in the end is not a hoax? October 31st, one of the players to participate in the registration, the reporter sent a letter to the organizers in October 30th posted a letter of apology. Reporters in accordance with the letter of apology to stay in contact, found one of the organizers of the Yellow lady. The organizers responsible person Ms. Huang said, October will tell the love burning platform need to cancel this event, but love burning platform has not been released the cancellation of the match, resulting in the cause of this situation, I’m sorry 2相关的主题文章: