Ma Yun e-commerce will disappear in the future is the competition of innovation

Ma Yun: "e-commerce" will disappear in the future is the innovation of the competition [Abstract] yesterday, Ma Yun attended the Hangzhou cloud habitat during the conference, the word "e-commerce" may soon be eliminated. Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma during yesterday attended the Hangzhou Yunxi Congress, the term "electronic commerce" may soon be eliminated, Alibaba will no longer mention of the term "electronic commerce" from next year, because it is only a ferry boat". In the future, the development of new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy will have a profound impact on China, the world and all the people. New express reporter Zheng Zhihui – Ma Yun said that the pure electricity supplier era will end soon, the next ten years, twenty years, no electronic commerce that said, "only online and offline and logistics combined, to the birth of new retail real." Ma Yun believes that many of the traditional retail industry by the electricity supplier or the huge impact of the Internet is that they did not see the future, only to see yesterday. The original real estate model of the retail industry will be affected, not today, you will not live too long, the birth of the new retail, the impact will also be on the pure line. In the manufacturing sector, the previous standardization, large-scale manufacturing, in the future will be transformed into personalized, customized manufacturing, which is the IOT revolution, the enterprise will be transformed from B2C to C2B. Ma Yun warned that the birth of the new manufacturing in the future, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region of the original scale and standardization of the manufacturing sector in all aspects of the impact, will be far more than everyone’s imagination. Ma Yun proposed third changes, called the new financial reform. Over the past two hundred years is the 28 development theory, as long as the support of 20% of large companies will be able to pull 80% of the world; but the future must be to support 82 new financial theory is how to support those 80% small and medium-sized enterprises, individual enterprises, innovative entrepreneurs and consumers." He hopes to see the birth of the real Internet banking, to create a real credit system, based on the data of the credit system to allow the world to produce a truly inclusive finance. As for the technology, "in the past mechanical manufacturing will become artificial intelligence". The future of the machine to eat data, based on the Internet, based on the birth of big data technology. There is a new resource, the development of the past is based on oil and coal, the development of future technology based on new energy, that is data. Data is the first time people create their own creation of resources, is the more valuable things. Ma Yun said, hope that the future government investment from the traditional "five links one ping" into a new "five level, in addition to the above, a new" Five "flat became" the ability to provide a fair and competitive environment". The technology revolution in the next 30 years, the human society will change dramatically, the technology will be applied to all aspects of all walks of life. Ma Yun said, "people will lose a lot of jobs, but also the birth of many new jobs." Everyone has the opportunity, small business opportunities will be more and more. "You may have money to start a business, you may want resources, you may want a variety of relationships. In the future, as long as the use of technology, data and innovation, everyone will have a chance.相关的主题文章: