Maggie Cheung and Nicholas Tse play independent life sweet nibbuns

Maggie Cheung and Nicholas Tse play independent life sweet Sina entertainment news by Zhejiang TV, King’s (Beijing) culture media CO produced under the blue sky and the "Twelve Feng taste" the third quarter of last night in Zhejiang satellite TV broadcast. Maggie Cheung riding a single car Nicholas Tse, sweet honey classic scene for a new interpretation. Twenty years later, independent of her on the show to reveal their life today and challenge to Nicholas Tse, "Big Bang" William Chan [micro-blog] is the first front restaurant, diners are brave story frequently tears. Maggie Cheung riding a single car Nicholas Tse sweet honey classic scene of a new interpretation of the dawn riding a single car through the streets of Hongkong, "sweet honey" in this scene is always a classic scene of the aftertaste of the people of the past. But in the "3 front flavor" today released a set of stills, Maggie Cheung was riding a bicycle carrying Nicholas Tse across the country, will be the scene for a new interpretation, showing a different twenty years ago with the independent style. In order to experience the magnificence and beauty of nature, Maggie Cheung and Nicholas Tse set foot on the journey of "walking away" in the last period of Feng flavor 3. Along the way, she casually let the roadside Backpackers ride, sharing, and campfire homeless people riding a bicycle more with Nicholas Tse across the country, enjoy the beautiful field. Twenty years after Maggie Cheung showed more independent full "challenge schedule" away from the screen for twenty years, many fans do music for Maggie Cheung today are puzzled, but on Saturday the "3" in front flavor Maggie Cheung admitted all sorts to choose their own life on the road. Unexpectedly, Maggie Cheung himself in the music by wire declare in no uncertain terms of criticism, "everybody said I sing ugly ah!" However, in Maggie Cheung’s view, it is a part of life’s plan to challenge myself, but I think everyone has to challenge himself in a few years." She even showed Nicholas Tse his challenge plan: "I’m going to paint, grow my food, plant a good cucumber……" The future looks feel she is still a young girl a green hand. Out of the career achieve success and win recognition, Maggie Cheung all faded aura applause to challenge yourself, this will make people feel fearless and admire, Nicholas Tse is willing to help her. Because Maggie Cheung said he was a "barber has dream", Nicholas Tse program actually raised his "free haircut" signs on the streets of Maggie Cheung, so she finally soliciting a solution "hand itch". What will she do? Only by watching the show! William Chan’s first "restaurant manager" for diners frequently tears in Sunday’s show, Feng restaurant will usher in the "Big Bang" William Chan and a group of extraordinary history diners. As a restaurant manager, William Chan at the beginning of his dedication to express the hope that each diner are satisfied with the food, but he was the next frequent tears. When climbing accident lost his teammates, climbing Mount Everest has traveled all over the world marathon champion, Olympic champion and Lin Yue, a brave man in the restaurant in front riding to share their successes and failures, listen carefully to the William Chan eyes reddening, frequently tears. How will these brave)相关的主题文章: