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Black magic — to make you aware of your own dream and dream – Sohu control technology has aroused the small "Inception" at the very heart, if I can enter the dream, become the river walk the assassin, how sloppily! And today, small shopping in Kickstarter, found in the popular project a black guards technology — can make you aware of your own dreams and conscious control equipment in the dream! The device is called the Lucid Dreamer that is lucid dreamer. It can detect REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, such situations are usually immersed in vivid dreams. And then sent to the user equipment of low frequency electric pulse, let them realize that they are dreaming, then you can control the subjective dream, a sober fantasy adventure. What about? Is it sounds awesome?! First of all, to explain the scientific principles of the device. Lucid dreaming (Lucid Dream) is a dreamer who realizes that he is dreaming a dream – about 20% of people experience lucid dreams every month, but this is often accidental. But recent scientific studies have shown that a specific brain activity, known as "gamma activity", is associated with lucid dreaming. The tACS (Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation, roughly meaning for the brain alternating current stimulation) means that the brain to give a mild electrical stimulation, can enhance the frequency of the event. A study claims that the use of tACS in REM sleep has a 77% chance of waking up. In view of this, a Holland company Neuromodulation Technologies B.V. would like to make such a special device to help users and control their own dreams. On the whole, the research on the dream is still in the primary stage. But the company has announced that they have Lucid Dreamer R & D team members to conduct internal testing, and achieved gratifying success. Although take guts to do their own testing is fat, but the company found that in a week two times every night after stimulation of the subjects, "there are three people in five people in the first night in the wake of the second, third, and late night after each one reached the results." On average, seven people each day have a lucid dream for the night of two, which is much higher than the frequency of the occurrence of the human race once a month for 20% people. When you have a subjective sense of the dream, you can set the story of the dream of the next to the. Is it a science fiction?! Lucid Dreamer devices are currently on the Kickstarter to raise the public, although this is more like a promotional event, but the company raised a lot more than the intended target amount. At present, most of the basic Lucid Dreamer pre-sale price is 297 euros; and then there is a professional version and connection相关的主题文章: