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The identity of the man was fraudulent use of debt of 80 million court said data cannot change the original title: Guangdong, a man was a debt of 79 million people: Liu Hanting, Guangdong – an interview with the people of Huilai, 43 years old, is a small business in Shenzhen. – interview background: yesterday, the Southern Metropolis responded with "how to prove that I was" my title, reported the Shenzhen man Liu Hanting who: since 2012, Liu Hanting found his identity information has been misused, and Shenzhen is regarded as the legal representative of several companies around the debt, four years, has been involved in 32 lawsuits that has been more than 79 million debt. ID card routine check found identity information was impersonate Chinese business newspaper: can you simply talk about your personal information? Liu Hanting: I’m from Guangdong Huilai Jinghai Town, was born in 1973. More than 20 years ago, I came to work only in Shenzhen, initially to other people to do the decoration, and later to do a little business. When the days went down, we were married and born in Shenzhen, and everything was going well. Chinese business newspaper: when did you find your identity information abnormal? Liu Hanting: in 2011, during a routine check of ID card in Shenzhen, the police found that my ID card information was not in line with the photos in the networking system. The online image is another strange man. The police suspect that my identity is false and leads me to the police station for investigation. After that, the police confirmed that I had no problem, so I put it out. I knew at that time that my identity information was impersonate. Chinese business newspaper: have you ever lost your ID card before? Liu Hanting: never, I can be sure of that. Chinese business newspaper: where do you think the problem is? Liu Hanting: when I registered my daughter in 2009, I handed it to other people for commission. If there is any problem, this link is most likely. Hua Shang: what measures did you take after finding the identity information being impersonate? Liu Hanting: I was in contact with the police in Huilai, where I was located, and explained the situation. Jinghai Town police station household information, so that I will post photos back again for my ID card. Chinese business newspaper: how does the public security of the census register account for the impersonation of your identity information? Liu Hanting: the local police station has never responded positively to my question, just saying that my personal information has been revised. A total of 32 civil lawsuits involving arrears of up to 79 million China Daily: receiving the first notice time? Liu Hanting: the nightmare began in December 8, 2012. The same day, I suddenly received a call from a Shenzhen bank reminder calls, said my credit card overdraft 370 thousand yuan, let me hasten to repayment. I was just stupid, because I didn’t go through these business. As a result, the bank accurately said my ID number, name and address. I hurried to the bank to understand the situation. As soon as I entered the door, the bank clerk said it was not me, because "Liu Hanting" on my ID card was not a person. At this point, I knew that when I handled a new ID card in 2011, my image on the Internet was still a previous man. In this regard, the household registration police station said that the online image is inaccurate, and everything is based on the image of the place where the household registration is located. Chinese business newspaper: do you now know the true identity of a man who impersonate your identity information? Liu Hanting: listen to the police in Shenzhen saying that the man is called Liu Peiwei. At present, the police in Shenzhen Fukuda have been charged with the crime of contract fraud and are listed as the target of online pursuit. Chinese business newspaper: do you know? Liu Hanting: No, I heard the police say that the parties are also Cantonese, and we are a few hundred kilometers away from my home. Chinese business newspaper: you say that the man who impersonates you is 79 million, how is it calculated, is there an exaggerated component? Liu Hanting: only as few as possible, it is impossible to exaggerate. As I know, impersonating my man has bought several houses in Shenzhen, including a villa, and registered the company. I know that these fixed assets are at least 50 million. The 79 million is the total amount of the arrears of the 32 civil proceedings I have been listed as the defendant in the court network. China Daily: what are the reminder? Liu Hanting: mainly all kinds of commercial banks, there are also individuals, as well as private lending companies. The family was the threat of data collection agency said the court cannot change, you have to bear the debts of China Daily: what is the impact of these arrears on your life? Liu Hanting: first of all, I have a lot of bad credit records on the banks, can not do credit cards, no way to borrow normal. It’s all a small thing. What is annoying is that I have to face a variety of lawyer letters every day and receive different lawyers’ visits. The more unbearable is that many credit units will be handed over to the chase Dunning business company, or their day or night calling me, or come to a threat, my family. Even more, where we go, where the debt collectors go, our lives are completely messed up, my wife and I can’t work at peace, children can’t go to school, and their families spend all day in fear. Also, as a dishonest people, I always worry about the court seizure, freezing, my property, these years I do business in Shenzhen to use his name to do the bank card, not for the related business, do business like thieves, not aboveboard to do. Chinese business newspaper: now how to do business involving transfer and other business? Liu Hanting: I do small business, usually pay as much cash as possible, really not, with the wife’s bank card. I know that a wife’s bank card may be frozen and buckled by the court, so you can not use it as far as you can. China Daily: at present, the normal travel of your plane, such as high-speed rail has not been affected? Liu Hanting: I haven’t been out of the distance over the past few years, so I don’t know whether the above travel mode has been affected. Chinese business newspaper: how do you deal with the harassment threat of the debt chasing? Liu Hanting: every time a debt collector comes to a debt, my family and I will explain to each other over and over, but it doesn’t help. When there is a serious impact on the harassment of life and work, we call the police. The alarm will solve the problem temporarily, but as soon as the police go, the debt collector comes to the door again. Later, we consulted a lawyer, and applied for a case description to the local public security organ. When someone came home to collect debts, we would come up with the instructions issued by the public security department, which played a part in some time. Several banks have seen the certificate issued by the police and have eliminated my record of bad credit. But there are also some banks, the chasing companies do not approve of the public security certificate, still chasing debt to me. Chinese business newspaper: is the public security organ now revising your identity information? Liu Hanting: after many times of my reflection, in February this year, the public security department changed my identity information. Now my identity information and image are consistent. Chinese business newspaper: change the identity information and public security certificate, your problem is fundamentally solved? Liu Hanting: No, no. Especially the court, I took the certificate issued by the public security to the court, hope that the court to eliminate my record, but the court said the case has been completed, the data can not be changed, I still have to bear the debt, the debt collection of fate. Chinese business newspaper: when will the problem be dragged to? Liu Hanting: I don’t know. I just hope that the police can break the case at an early date. The criminal suspect will be net early, and I am innocent and restore a quiet life of our family. Chen Youmou, a reporter of the Chinese business newspaper

男子身份遭冒用负债8000万 法院称资料无法更改   原标题:广东一男子被负债7900万   ■专访人物:   刘汉廷,广东惠来人,43岁,目前在深圳做小生意。   ■专访背景:   昨日,南方都市报以《如何证明我才是我》为题,报道了深圳男子刘汉廷的遭遇:2012年以来,刘汉廷发现自己的身份信息一直被人冒用,并被当成深圳几家公司的法人代表四处举债,四年下来,至今涉32宗诉讼案,已被负债超过7900万。   身份证例行检查 发现身份信息被冒用   华商报:能简单谈谈你的个人信息吗?   刘汉廷:我是广东惠来靖海镇人,1973年出生。20多年前,我只身来到深圳打工,最初给别人做装修,后来自己做点小生意。日子平稳下来后,在深圳结婚、生子,一切都还算顺利。   华商报:你什么时候发现自己的身份信息出现了异常?   刘汉廷:2011年深圳一次身份证例行检查中,民警发现我的身份证信息和联网系统里的照片不符,网上图像是另一名陌生男子,民警怀疑我的身份是假的,将我带到派出所调查。之后,民警证实我的身份没有问题,才将我放了出来。当时我才知道,我的身份信息被人冒用。   华商报:你之前是否丢失过身份证?   刘汉廷:从来没有,这点我可以肯定。   华商报:那你觉得问题出在哪里?   刘汉廷:2009年给女儿登记户口时,我曾将户口本等资料交给他人委托办理,如果真的出现问题,这个环节最有可能。   华商报:发现身份信息被冒用后,你采取了哪些措施?   刘汉廷:当时我就和户籍所在地惠来警方取得了联系,说明了情况。靖海镇派出所让我将户籍信息、照片邮寄回去,重新为我办理了身份证。   华商报:户籍所在地公安对你的身份信息被冒用是怎么解释的?   刘汉廷:当地派出所一直没有正面回应我的疑问,只是说我的个人信息修改了就行。   涉32宗民事诉讼 欠款总额达7900万   华商报:啥时候收到第一份催款通知书?   刘汉廷:噩梦开始于2012年12月8日。当天,我突然接到深圳一家银行打来的催款电话,说我信用卡透支了37万元,让我赶紧还款。我当时一下就懵了,因为我根本没有办理过这些业务。结果银行准确说出了我的身份证号、名字和地址。我赶紧去银行了解情况,一进门,银行业务员就说不是我,因为我和身份证上的“刘汉廷”不是一个人。这时我才知道,2011年办理新身份证时,联网信息上我的图像仍然是先前冒用男子的。对此,户籍派出所说网上图像不准确,一切以户籍所在地的图像为准。   华商报:你现在知道冒充你身份信息男子的真实身份吗?   刘汉廷:听深圳警方说冒用男子叫刘沛威。目前已经被深圳福田警方以涉嫌合同诈骗罪,列为网上追逃对象。   华商报:你们认识吗?   刘汉廷:不认识,听民警说当事人也是广东人,和我家相距几百公里。   华商报:你说冒充你的男子共欠很行7900万,是怎么算出来的,有没有夸大的成分?   刘汉廷:只可能少,不可能夸大。据我了解,冒充我的男子在深圳贷款买了好几处房产,包括一幢别墅,还注册了公司。我知道的这些固定资产至少在5000万以上。7900万是我在法院网查到的我被列为被告的32宗民事诉讼的欠款总额,都是有据可查的。   华商报:催款人都有哪些?   刘汉廷:主要是各类商业银行,也有个人,还有民间借贷公司。   家人遭讨债公司恐吓威胁   法院称资料无法更改,还得承受欠债   华商报:这些欠款对你的生活造成了哪些影响?   刘汉廷:首先,我上了很多银行的不良征信纪录,办不了信用卡,没办法正常借贷。这都是小事,让人烦恼的是,我每天都要面对各种各样的律师函,接待不同律师的上门追讨。更令人受不了的是,很多债权单位将催款业务交给了追款公司,他们或者不分昼夜地打电话催款,或者上门恐吓、威胁我的家人。更甚者,我们走到哪里,追债人就跟到哪里,我们的生活完全乱了套,我和妻子没法安心工作,孩子们没办法上学,一家人整天在提心吊胆中度过。   还有,作为“失信人”,我时时刻刻都在担心法院查封、冻结、执行我的财产,这几年我在深圳做生意不敢用自己的名字办银行卡,不敢办理与之有关的业务,做生意像跟做贼一样,不能光明正大地做。   华商报:现在做生意涉及到转账等业务怎么办?   刘汉廷:我做的是小生意,平时结付尽量使用现金,实在不行,就用老婆的银行卡。我知道老婆的银行卡也有可能被法院冻结、划扣,因此能不用就尽量不用。   华商报:目前,你的正常出行比如乘坐飞机、高铁有没有受到影响?   刘汉廷:这几年,我一直没出过远门,因此不知道上述出行方式是否受到影响。   华商报:对于追债者的骚扰威胁,你们是怎么处理的?   刘汉廷:每次追债人上门追债,我和家人都会一遍一遍向对方解释,但无济于事。遇到严重影响生活、工作的骚扰时,我们会打电话报警。报警会暂时解决问题,但民警一走,追债者又上门了。后来,我们咨询了律师,向当地公安机关申请了一份情况说明,再有人上门追债时,我们会拿出公安部门出具的说明,暂时起到了一些作用。几家银行看到公安出具的证明,已经消除了我的不良征信记录。但也有一些银行、追债公司对公安的证明不予认可,仍然向我追债。   华商报:公安机关现在修改了你的身份信息吗?   刘汉廷:经过我的多次反映,今年2月份,公安部门修改了我的身份信息,现在我的身份信息和图像是相符的。   华商报:修改身份信息加公安证明,你的问题从根本上解决没有?   刘汉廷:没有。尤其是法院这块,我拿着公安出具的证明找法院,希望法院消除我的相关记录,但法院说案子已经办结,资料无法更改,我还得承受欠债、被追债的命运。   华商报:那问题要拖到什么时候呢?   刘汉廷:不知道啊,只希望公安早日破案,犯罪嫌疑人早日落网,还我清白,恢复我们一家平静的生活。 华商报记者 陈有谋相关的主题文章: