Mars will be launched in 2018 understanding the internal structure of Mars-ca1810

The insight into the Mars probe will be launched in 2018: to understand the internal structure of Mars, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) website recently announced that after the scientific instrument fault delayed the launch of the "insight" unmanned landing Mars probe will be launched or air in the spring of 2018. The probe will help people understand the inner structure of the red planet, mars. According to science and Technology Daily News on September 7th, "insight" was originally planned to launch in March 2016, but because the detector stored in the internal structure of the vacuum chamber of the vacuum leak and delayed. The instrument is developed by the National Space Research Center of France, is the "insight" will carry the main scientific instruments, its sensitivity is very high. In order to avoid the adverse effects of Mars, the instrument’s 3 main sensors must be vacuum sealed, but in December last year, the test found that the seal is lax. Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are now beginning to repair, re engineer and build the seal of the seismic measuring instrument, and then integrate it with the French National Space Research center. NASA said, "insight", the next launch window period will begin in May 5, 2018, is expected to probe landed on Mars in November 26, 2018, the main task is to understand the Mars and other rocky planets are formed. The probe will stay on the surface of Mars after landing a Martian year (687 days), which is equipped with two sets of instruments will measure the internal temperature of Mars, and on Mars within the geological activity, scientists can take collected historical information about mars. Planetary science division director NASA Jim · Green said in a statement that the Martian interior is their pursuit of exploration has been rescheduled to 2018, will launch is the best choice for a high priority project.相关的主题文章: