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"Sing" masked welcome sailor   Wowkie Zhang insisted that "my mother" — Guizhou — Jiangsu satellite TV channel will sing "masked guess" this week will usher in a new supplement to sing "beautiful girl with a roar of the soldiers at the sight of injustice". Water ice on the other by the appearance of a girl, people can not help heart bud. Although from a slightly fatter body can be seen in the "beautiful girl" might have been middle-aged, but her performance on the stage yet lively and lovely. Guess Wowkie Zhang, she seems to have abnormal intimacy, and even at the scene also called: "that’s my mother, right?"." With the "masked singing will guess guess" program continues to broadcast, send off an old singing will, and will usher in a new patch, sing will be. In the third phase of the program, the new appearance of the "roar at the sight of injustice sailor" caused a guess jury interest in Wowkie Zhang, on the stage of the lively and cheerful personality made no secret of his admiration, affection shows between the lines. In the process of interaction, they can also feel the intimacy in their communication. While we suspect Wowkie Zhang and the girl is not old acquaintance, a word that the audience stunned words burst out from the mouth of Wowkie Zhang: "that’s my mom right." Familiar with Wowkie Zhang’s net friend all know, he and his parents have been very harmonious relationship, in the interview also said: "parents are my best friends."". In fact, Wowkie Zhang’s mother had a liberal attitude towards his education, so that he was different from the vast majority of teenagers, even in adolescence, Wowkie Zhang did not have any contradiction with his mother. Wowkie Zhang mother itself is cheerful and lively, had earlier stated Wowkie Zhang sometimes spoke directly is very funny, a large part of the reason is also under their influence, then makes many users lamented: "the original piece hand talent is hereditary." What is worth mentioning is, because of the subtle relationship between their mother and son, also directly led to Wowkie Zhang is able to mingle with women 4,50 years old. In the new phase of the program, Wowkie Zhang in the face of the sailor, showed different real feelings. "Masked singing will guess guess" is a diversified singing stage, then can make Wowkie Zhang "call mother" singing will in the end is really his mother, or his circle of middle-aged friends? This also makes Sunday night 20:30, Jiangsu satellite TV "masked singing will guess guess" has a new aspect of the program. (commissioning editor Zhu Xiaohui and Chen Kangqing) 《蒙面唱将》迎美少女战士 大张伟坚称“是我妈”–贵州频道–人民网   江苏卫视《蒙面唱将猜猜猜》本周将迎来一位新的补位唱将“路见不平一声吼的美少女战士”。水冰月的造型一经亮相,让人不禁少女心萌动。虽然从略有发福的身材能看出这位“美少女”很可能已是中年,但她在台上的表现却不失活泼可爱。猜评团大张伟更是对她似有异常的亲切感,甚至在现场还直呼:“那是我妈对不对。”   随着《蒙面唱将猜猜猜》节目的持续播出,送走了一位位老唱将,又会迎来新的补位唱将。而在第三期的节目中,新出场的“路见不平一声吼的美少女战士”引起了猜评团大张伟浓厚的兴趣,在台上毫不掩饰自己对其活泼开朗性格的赞赏,喜爱之情溢于言表。在俩人的互动过程中,也隐约能感觉到他们彼此间交流中的亲切感。正当大家怀疑大张伟与美少女是不是老相识时,一句令全场愕然的话从大张伟口中迸出:“那是我妈对不对。”   熟悉大张伟的网友都知道,他与父母的关系一直十分融洽,在采访中也曾说过:“父母是我最好的朋友”。其实大张伟的妈妈对他的教育从小就秉持开明的态度,以致他与绝大多数的少年不同,即使在青春期大张伟都没有和妈妈有过什么矛盾。而大张伟妈妈本身也是开朗活泼,早前也表态过大张伟有时讲话很直接很搞笑很大一部分原因也是受到了自己的影响,当时就令很多网友感叹:“原来段子手的天赋是遗传的。”更值得一提的是,也就是因为他们母子之间的微妙关系也直接导致了大张伟很能够与4,50岁的女人打成一片。   在新一期的节目中,大张伟面对这位美少女战士,表现出了不同于以往的真情实感。《蒙面唱将猜猜猜》又是一个多元化的歌唱舞台,那么能让大张伟“叫妈妈”的唱将到底会不会真的是他的妈妈,还是他圈内的中年好友呢?这也使得本周日晚20点30江苏卫视《蒙面唱将猜猜猜》的节目有了新的看点。 (责编:朱晓慧、陈康清)相关的主题文章: