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In the first part of this article we talked about two things you need to master in creating an online fundraiser on a crowdfunding site You need a solid list of people who will fund you on your first day and you need to focus on the copy or wording of your story. As promised, here are the remaining three things that are important to be successful. 1. You need a great OFFER. This is where you will really succeed or not. You need to think this through in a relaxed, fun way. You get to dream and create offers that people can’t get with anyone but you. So what is your offer? What perks are you giving the people who fund you. What if someone just gives you a dollar, or ten dollars, or twenty dollars? What if someone gives you $100? $500? $1000? or $10,000? See how there is more value you will give in exchange for bigger donations. Think of PBS or NPR fundraising drives. You can use raffles for a big prize – enter to win. You can teach something or do something for bigger funders. You can get sponsors to donate gifts to you. You can offer an experience. EX. If you are a great artist – have someone come to your studio and paint with you. Or if you are a filmmaker you can offer to do a 3 minute film for funding. Or if you great at social networking you can offer people 1,000 likes on their Facebook page that are real or you can do a campaign for them… If you are funding a film, offer a walk on part, or name one of the characters after someone who funds you or let them come to your red carpet opening… See how fun and cool these ideas are? Now you only offer one or two people some of these unique gifts – so they are super special and limited. This creates urgency. If someone wants what you offer them, they will take action immediately because they don’t want to lose out. Scarcity if it is real is a huge motivator for people to act on your offer. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO OFFER? You ask the people who are funding you first. Your list. Survey them. Be in conversation with them. What gifts do they want? Be interactive. The more people feel that they are heard and part of the journey from the beginning the more they will love your crowdfunding campaign and take partial ownership of it. By connecting you will know exactly what your funders want and you will give it to them. They are hungry. They know there is a limited offering and they want it. They are part of your process. You are targeting the exact right people with the exact right gifts that they told you they want! This is perfect for your online fundraising. You can offer to teach something, coach, or give an experience that is unique. This is great if you are not sure what to offer as a perk and you don’t want to spend money or have to ship something. 2. THE SALE Crowd funding or online fundraising is an easy sale if you have a great campaign, offer, or product. Use email, video, text, social networking, calls, live meetings and fliers to ask for the donation. Remind people that you appreciate them. You could not do this without them. Ask them to share your crowd funding campaign with everyone they know. 3. DELIVERY Stay interactive. Communicate often. Let people know what you are up to. Make short videos updating everyone. Invite them to chat with you on Facebook. A lot of people on Kickstarter or Indiegogo or other fundraising sites forget to keep in touch and that is a big problem. Your fundraising campaign is all about the journey, the connections, and the community. You can easily set up calls on This lets 100 people get on a call where you can answer questions. You can teach something you are an expert at. It is a huge value to people. You can use to ask questions – to find out what people want to know most about. This lets you create a customized tele-class. Then you ask them what else do they want to know? They will tell you. Now you have a 4 part series of classes. You are paid to do this. Record the calls. Now this can be a bonus for future. You can get it transcribed and even make a product out of it. Likewise, there are alternative fundraising platforms that emphasize many small donations over a few big ones. For instance knows that the average donation is $5 to $50 so it takes a lot of people to believe in you and fund you. Red Capes is a new online fundraising site or global crowdfunding site focusing on non and for profit businesses, start ups, inventions, ideas, projects, arts and funding causes that make a difference. offers crowd funding training or online fundraising education and is willing to help you create a crowdfunding site. Make a difference! Spread your word to the world! Check out: today! To see crowdfunding and good news videos look at About the Author: Want to hear good news stories about crowdfunding or raise money for your cause or business? Create your own fundraising campaign now and/or read more good news stories about crowdfunding only. See videos at ..redcapestv… Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: