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Calcium supplementation during pregnancy pregnant mother’s maternal and child – Sohu strategy in one’s life, the bones are on "The new supersedes the old". Before the age of 30, bone formation is greater than that of bone resorption, this period of calcium helps to promote bone growth, can store more calcium for human body. After the age of 30, will be less than the bone formation and bone resorption, this time it is necessary to control the dose of calcium to reduce bone calcium loss rate, thus delaying the arrival of osteoporosis. Therefore, people’s life is the need to support calcium. As a special population of mothers in pregnancy preparation should pay attention to calcium, especially for women who do not love to eat dairy products and the weak should advance calcium. Under normal circumstances, in the early stages of pregnancy, the daily demand for calcium is 800 mg, the median is 1000 mg, the latter is 1200 mg. During pregnancy need calcium is known to most people, but how to calcium? Actually, calcium supplementation in three aspects, here we do a detailed introduction. 1, the sun every day, women can make their own more sun, especially in winter and spring pregnant mommy. By the way the sun to let the body get enough VD for fetal bone and tooth development is more strong, can eliminate some congenital rickets and caries status. Pregnant mothers must remember that the sun must do this thing, this is something else can not be replaced. It would be better if you could do some exercise in the sun. 2, tonic tonic is also very important for pregnant women, after 5 months of pregnancy, pregnant mother must drink milk, formula milk or yogurt 250 ml every day. Also need to eat more calcium rich foods in the daily diet, such as cheese ball (6 balls), tofu (half block, 100 grams), egg (1-2), boiled shrimp (5 tablespoon), cooked sardine (10, medium size), small (2 tablespoons of dried herring) and the amount of seaweed or sea cabbage, the best to ensure the daily calcium intake of 800 mg. 3, if the female body calcium supplement of calcium deficiency can be considered from calcium to supplement. In the 4 months of pregnancy, you can take a daily dose of calcium under the guidance of a doctor. The best choice for intestinal absorption, easy to take, the price of calcium. The above is the pregnant mother calcium problem is introduced, for the healthy development of children. Pregnant women must pay attention to the absorption of calcium, so that the body intake of adequate calcium. In addition, it is recommended that women regularly do a physical examination in order to understand the physical condition, according to the needs of the body a reasonable supplement of nutrients.   相关的主题文章: