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Maybe nothing, but ordinary precious [ten seal, to the life of a contour. Chicken soup is terrible, always afraid you have no dream, no courage…… "The most afraid of mediocrity, but also to comfort their ordinary precious." Life is in their own, and not to others to see. So, maybe nothing, but ordinary precious. The movie said, one day your lover will come on a colorful auspicious clouds…… But life is not a movie, even if one day, you see the colorful clouds…… Don’t be afraid that your life will never change. Up the scenery, there is always a beautiful unknown. House lizard and I are neighbors, there is a nest in a moment swallow my life. They are adorable, fledgling, often stuck in the glass curtain wall. The day is like a trivial, they cut all a hideous mess. As time goes by, as they go, they come back, they go…… Rare leisure weekend, hands-on, a breakfast. Simple, greasy, like a greasy life. Maybe maybe disturbed, uneasy, feel comfortable. I often spend my time on weekends and think it’s the weekend. For a time, I suddenly got hooked on the scent. Afraid of acid, so always choose some so wrinkled old fruit. In fact, love is also kind of mixed and strong flavor. Sometimes life is boring, then drink a glass of juice to imagine a hundred life is good. Sometimes pay attention to things around, keep curiosity. There will be many casual visitor and did you see a lot of time. Observing the appearance of life is also a kind of examination. If there is no highfalutin reasons, it’s just a boring waste. There are many ways to meet new friends, such as at the dinner table. Laughing, said fate, saying where life does not meet. One family run someone high up. Lying on the plate of steak, enjoy a belongs to own behavior art. The food is not my choice, there is a man-made distinction. Elegant Teppanyaki, noisy barbecue, do not ask the origin, I saw the place. The breezy street, and friends together, with a smile. What what delicious salty and spicy, the taste of life is always there. Always admire the ingenuity of the people, think. Think they live a poetic life, perfect. The vivid chicken burns the fruit from the gift of a friend. They occasionally complain that life is not easy, when they are clever. Everybody tries to make life a little easier. Perhaps not what big ambition, only a little selfish. Simple bibimbap sauce, also must be skilled in the decoration. Some people’s home life, is also a variety of landscaping look like it…… In fact, no need to pursue is commonplace, ordinary or valuable…… Chicken soup like poison, playing a chicken, but also difficult to continue. I am ordinary precious, in regular life, steady. In order is the best state, because of the day can be to take care of. Maybe nothing [D相关的主题文章: