Men raise money cheat more than 10 customers about 300000

Men raise money cheat more than 10 customers about 300000 reporter Ma Zheng to raise Internet gambling stake, Pulandian man Zhao in Zhuanghe logistics park group issued in the name of the stored goods can be pretended to take the goods, fraud has a dozen customers for the purchase price of about 300000 yuan. Recently, a logistics park in Zhuanghe wholesale bank boss Han is very depressed, a lot of people come to him to ask for the goods, but he did not get the impression that the wholesale line of these people. Originally, his salesman Zhao told him to accept payment in advance rebate mode to attract customers to pay the purchase price, and then no goods available to the customer. Zhao is Pulandian people, due to drug abuse, 31 years old, he was the Pulandian Public Security Bureau administrative detention for the last time, the last compulsory detoxification. In 2015, he came to work in a wholesale logistics park in Zhuanghe, is responsible for the delivery of several towns and recycling business. Just started to do a good job, Mr. Han is satisfied with him. Before 2016, wholesale transactions with customers is on one hand, one hand delivery, two money goods. Since 2016, Zhao lazy again, often gathered a bunch of friends forfeasting money wasteful, and he obsessed with online gambling, life begins to become stretched, in desperation, Zhao played the customer idea. He said to the customer has a preferential shop, is pre payment, then give the corresponding percentage of the goods, the first customers feel more favorable, it paid thirty thousand yuan of money, Zhao gave customers thirty thousand yuan of goods, after the pocket subsidies 3000 yuan of goods. In violation of this kind of operation, Zhao has received a dozen customers advance, but these customers did not receive the appropriate goods. A few months later, received the money was squandered zhao. Zhuanghe police quickly arrested the suspect zhao. Currently, Zhao suspicion of fraud by the Zhuanghe Municipal Public Security Bureau criminal detention according to law.相关的主题文章: