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MH17 crash investigation team announced the findings of Russia that have prejudices – Sohu news Xinhua Beijing September 28 Xinhua comprehensive Xinhua news agency in Hague, Moscow correspondent reports: Malaysia Airlines MH17 crashed airliner international joint mission 28 announced the investigation report, the aircraft hit the beech air missile was launched from the eastern Ukraine a pro Russian rebels control village. In this regard, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, the results of the investigation confirmed that the group had prejudice against russia. International research group released a report that the survey results show that flight MH17 was hit by a beech 9M38 missile, the missile launch site is a village in eastern Ukraine, the site of the area under the control of Pro Russian rebels. Investigation team also found that the missiles from Russia shipped to the launch site, MH17 was shot down in flight, the launch system was shipped back to russia. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 took off from Holland to Malaysia in July 17, 2014 in Amsterdam Kuala Lumpur, crashed near the Russian border in the eastern region of Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board, of which more than half of the victims were dutch. Under the leadership of Holland, air crash investigation from two levels. The Holland Security Council is responsible for investigating the technical reasons, and the Holland, Malaysia, Ukraine, Belgium, Australia, the international joint investigation team responsible for criminal investigation. In the investigation group of five members attended the conference, Holland investigators introduce survey results in the reasoning process, showing the radar images, photos, video, telephone monitoring recording and other part of the evidence, also broadcast 3D animation simulation of missile transport route. The mission also said that the investigation into the crash will continue. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va said in a statement 28, as the Ukraine international joint investigation team members to give its forgery and will investigate the reverse for their favorable situation in space, "Russia from the outset proposal is based on the fact that cooperation in the investigation, and the international joint investigation group refused to formally participate as a member of Russia the investigation, only to let Russia as a role". She said, self identify criminals, assume their desired conclusion has become the norm of their Western peers act. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 after the crash, the Ukraine army and the eastern Ukrainian Pro Russian rebels accused each other downed airliner. The United Nations Security Council resolution requires a comprehensive, thorough and independent international investigation of the crash in accordance with international civil aviation standards, and accountability. (reporter: Liu Fang, An Xiaomeng)相关的主题文章: