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Middle aged and old people to pick up the gang to start the 70 year old aunt dyed black issue stolen by the age of 70 dye dyed black hair. Original title: elderly group theft picked the elderly start at the age of 70, should enjoy the happiness of a family union at home she has joined a gang of thieves, picked the same age, even more elderly start. Recently, the Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau Yangzonghai Branch Seven Austin police station Duandiao a disguised, mobile crime pickpocketing Gang, these members are middle-aged women, the maximum is 70 years old. Hat block face into the potato stalls stealing noon on July 4th, Yangzonghai meadow community, bustling bazaar, 3 head with straw block face and carrying back women particularly noticeable. Police stare at a surveillance, it is found that the problem. Monitoring showed that a sale of a potato market cross roadside stalls, is surrounded by many people. The 3 women also squeeze in, look around, rub the rub into what seems to be looking for. Then, they left and right after a package with an elderly person, very fast, shot in the old man behind the woman, while the old man was on the occasion, put his hand to the old trousers bag, just a few seconds, seems to have succeeded, 3 people blatantly to continue to leave. The control room the police immediately told this news street patrol police. The police patrol arrived, and not the first time to find the owner and 3 suspects. The security volunteers provide information, contact the vendors to reflect the situation, the police soon found 3 people. Originally, 3 women succeeded, and did not leave, but continue to stay in the streets, looking for an opportunity. More than 1 o’clock in the afternoon, 3 women once again on an old man, and before the technique is exactly the same, 3 people succeeded once again to leave, Hangzhou, Lee was arrested on the spot, and another woman through the crowd to flee. Gray hair black rarity in the elderly start after the trial, the woman fled Li Mouyan, is Lee’s sister. The first week of the victim has been 79 years old grandmother, her body was stolen $95 in cash. Second victims Kim grandmother has been 80 years old, was stolen a cell phone and cash of $225. Yesterday, the reporter saw the two suspects in the Kunming detention center, one of which although dyed black hair, but still can be seen on the elderly. According to the Yangzonghai lake Public Security Bureau police, the older a suspect Hangzhou has been 70 years old, another suspect Lee 46 years old, 48 year old Li Mouyan escaped. Police, the 3 are Xundian people, have theft convictions. Don’t work, meet market days go to pick, rarity in the elderly. "The elderly are slow and easy to handle." When asked why the choice of the elderly crime, Moumou said. Currently, hang, Moumou has been arrested, Li Mouyan has also been listed as online fugitives, police are full pursuit. He Jin intern reporter Xiao Fanjie photo editor responsible for the report of the photographer:, SN182,相关的主题文章: