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Miller Batman comics own ideas "super" Jutan bat Frank · Miller had a Batman movie in "Batman: year one" based on "Batman wars Superman: Dawn of justice" to Miller said he wanted to create the story of Superman to explore the Jewish background of Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 31st news, according to foreign media reports, if so many Batman comics fans Frank · Miller himself to shoot a Batman movie, what is it? Miller recently talked about his dream of the Batman films, commercial films is definitely not one of today’s cartoon movies in the universe: "I want to take a less large, not those toys, but focus more on his task, to make more use of the city (brother tan), because of his love this he has been protecting the city. Unlike Superman, he and crime are very closely linked, has been traced back to his parents was stabbed to death in the past. He beat the criminal with his own hands. So this is a very different version. But I can never be in charge of this project, because this is not suitable for toys, toys can not be derived from the product line." Miller also recalled a decade ago he served as screenwriter, director Darren · Aronofsky (Darren Aronofsky) directed the movie "Batman" project, the film ultimately did not make. The screenplay is based on Miller’s "Batman: year" comic book based, the famous comic tells Bruce to become Batman just before and after the story, Gordon, a key figure for street prostitutes as Catwoman reveals the overall style, brother Tan: crime and corruption, Hang Seng, very practical. Of course, at that time, Miller also said that it is not copied comics, do a lot of adaptation. This time Miller further revealed that he had the idea: "this movie is more realistic, quite a lot of scenes he became Batman before, which he took to the streets to fight crime, he also failed many times, then go on the right track. So this will be a 90 minute story." That for many "learn from" Miller’s creation of the comic "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns," the movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of justice, how to see? Miller said he had seen the film, but he didn’t want to say too much What can I say? (laughs) no, I’m going to take it back, and I’ll say, ‘don’t mention it!’" In addition, Miller also wanted to create a new Superman story: a story of origin, exploring the Jewish background of superman. He revealed that he had talked to DC about the idea, but it’s not really there yet: "yes, I want to do this story. DC and I had a simple discussion, the project has not yet formally. There is no denying the true origin of Superman, which has been covered for years. Jerry · Seagal and Schuster (Joe · in 1933 created the role of Superman) should be clear, they created Superman when it is anti Semitism rampant, when the world is in the most active anti Semite provoked the war of Shadows)相关的主题文章: