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"Mom forward 2" Shanghai launched Hu Bing re good first love – Entertainment Sohu Hu Bing attended the "mother" rush forward conference "good love" Hu Bing love return entertainment news produced by Sohu in September 9th, cool media, directed by screenwriter Yang Manli, Luo brilliant warmth inspirational fashion drama "mother" held in Shanghai rush forward launch press conference. Hu Bing led Lu Yulin, Liu Tingyu and other creative scene to help out. The conference site, as "good love" Zhou Kaiwen Hu Bing broke the play outside himself and Hailu Qin are close friends, but the play was no friend to abuse sadomasochistic drama". He also confided in his ministry this year for the first time after returning to the costume drama of modern drama, there will be a better interpretation of the attitude of excellence scene attracted fans applause again and again. "Good love" for Hailu Qin. Hu Bing love return sweet warmth inspirational fashion drama "mother" is the rush forward 2015 hit drama "mother forward" sequel, directed by "tear master" Luo Zhang Manli, resplendent, screenwriter Ma Guangyuan Hailu Qin, Guo Xiaodong Hu Bing, author, and other original cast starring, three people continue to cut tangled love hate will continue to upgrade. In the past, played by Hu Bing Zhou Kaiwen, because of his terminally ill, could not bear to drag Hailu Qin’s first girlfriend Wang Qing, love very reluctantly choose to hide the disease to go abroad, staged a child heart abuse of the body "dying", Hu Bing’s "good love" the image of the people, but also once off the "first return this, see" universal topic discussion upsurge. The magnificent return of "mother" rush forward, Hu Bing and Hailu Qin will once again partner, has more extreme emotional entanglements, whirling road for the audience, experienced two times of death strike to Kevin Wang Ching love more important, even to each other’s willing to sacrifice their own happiness. The conference site, about second times in collaboration with Hailu Qin, Hu Bing said privately, two personal relationship is very good, so often Hailu Qin in the play to abuse could not bear, but ultimately own or abused to no friends ". "-" the first Hu Bing to shoot a fashion show best of 2016 summer, Hu Bing in the annual blockbuster "-" fantasy in troubled Lawrence "Shenbao" role, to subvert the image of modern gentleman previous elegant, exquisite interpretation of the true to life overlord xionwei. Then, he in costume fantasy film "shark bead biography" in the plum to open two degrees, once again challenge the emperor. The two annual costume giant system color interpretation, let Hu Bing open Lawrence screen mode, let the fans more hate love. And the upcoming launch of the "mother" is to rush forward Hu Bing in 2016 the first modern drama stage, the regression also allow Hu Bing to specialize in the movie, how to complete the perfect interpretation of deep feeling. Hu Bing said, starred in costume drama of great significance, not only is he a play on the road to open up, but also to help themselves in the film and television drama on the role of a better understanding of the story. This time, in the "mother" in the forward rush "nature return" fashion show, Hu Bing also said, "I was very conservative". He said the role will be more careful selection. Acting on the show.相关的主题文章: