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Mom, I was deeply educated by a penguin! – [picture] select Sohu maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! Baby said: Mom, I forgive you, I know you cursed me because of a bad mood, I made a mistake. The baby is always good to stand on the mother’s position to understand the mother, and mothers, whether it can control their temper? JuttaBauer "temper shouting mother" won the highest honor of the German annual assessment: Prize for literature, children’s book award. The author is one of the famous German contemporary picture book several distinctive style. This book is often a kindergarten, primary school as a parent-child interaction theme, or by educators and psychologists for example…… temper mother shouted a cute penguin child told us about it and its mother’s extraordinary experience. "Lovely penguin child, not the embodiment of our lovely child?!" This morning, my mother got angry and shouted at me angrily. (in the morning is really easy mother crazy time, children dallied, breakfast is cold, go to school to work late for work!) The frightened me all scattered away… (… Mom roar scared children out of their wits!? My head flew into the universe. (a heart full of fear child really easy to wander! With a powerful and unconstrained style Fugue to avoid frightening reality). My stomach is in the sea. (fear people easy gluttony, excessive eating, like the sea do not fill the stomach.) My wings fell into the jungle. The fear and fear in our hearts can also make us hold on to someone or something, and form a relationship with each other My mouth is on the mountain. Mouth on the mountain, does it mean that children want to shout and shout out, want to express and can not express?! Where’s my tail? It’s a mystery on the street. Lost in the city?! I have a pair of feet, run and run… I want to cry, but no mouth. I want to look, but no eyes. I want to fly, but no wings. Run and run to the Sahara desert in the evening, I’m tired. When a big shadow fell on me. The child is like a little penguin. He sees a bad temper and a screaming mother who wants to run away. But, a little child, where can he (she) escape?! Want to express their aspirations and needs, there is no one to listen; to find their own direction, but also have enough experience and wisdom; want to fly, but mom and dad stopped…)… Is my temper shout mom drove the ship. She had given the lost parts to them and sewed them up again. Hurt the child and fix the wound?! After all, will leave scars! Moreover, our dear child, not a cartoon character, not broken, fighting immortal. He (she) is!相关的主题文章: