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Software OEM, known as Original Equipment Manufacturers refers to those set of companies that specialize of on products and goods that other organizations sell post repackaging. Previously, you might have considered various resellers who have invested in OEM manufacturing or appliances and setting apart the costly repackaging. OEM appliances are utilized in a number of ways, but the electronics industry uses it extensively. Benefits of OEM Manufacturing Companies dealing in OEM manufacturing come up with useful OEM appliances that has the following benefits: * Results in generating new revenues * Minimizes support demand * Provides scalable growth * Most OEM appliances are free of any hassle * There is no risk in operation * The OEM appliance/ device is user friendly and features operational simplicity In todays world OEM manufacturing depends heavily on selected solution providers that enable them to manage the manufacturing and supply of embedded computing systems along with other related storage server appliances. Such enterprises contribute to the total success of multiple industries by offering a suite of branded solution for specific application computing devices. Furthermore, these enterprises generally join hands with the following clients and companies, such as: * Initial stage companies, large companies or small companies that have new product ideas * Clients that own software product and wants to transform them into a server appliance * Clients who specialize in computer solutions embedded in their products * Clients who prefer embedded systems conversion from custom circuit board design to solutions based on the white box, brand name equipment However, there are enterprises who are aiming to operate as an extension of OEM manufacturing operations. These companies with their knowledge and expertise helps in bringing down the time-to-market and enhances the schedule elasticity and eliminate unnecessary risk and costs. While operating as the manufacturing outsourcing partner, these enterprises also enable their end users to design, source, establish, assist and also help the custom computer systems . Furthermore, there are qualified and skilled engineers that help right from the design phase to the final delivery phase. In addition to that, they also help in planning, execution and post execution stage. Simultaneously, the production model that is executed has complete elasticity and needs negligible to zero runs. However, prior to partnering with an OEM manufacturer it is essential to get a detailed research done on its track record and analyse if the manufacturer would cater to your requirements. About the Author: By: Boniface – The world of testing has been changed a lot in a past few years. The testing carried out before a decade is completely different than the current one. The software testers have to embrace the challenges and the new brave world of testing to secure their unique place in the IT in … By: Kain Black – Is utorrent safe ? 2016: The concept of torrent is not new anymore. 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