Mysterious thief Zhuantou supermarket smoke let him out – hidden probe Beijing-lata-01

"Mysterious thief Zhuantou supermarket smoke let him out – hidden probe Beijing" should not hide probe in the trees, captured Yang change clothes’ precious’ lens, now also may not be able to catch him!" 29, 2009, Zhenjiang Interpol detachment Liu Jinming, said the team leader. In January this year, Zhenjiang many supermarkets have happened were stolen. Monitor display, a man wearing a mask helmet, the implementation of indoor crawling to steal the door open supermarket. Until 29, the police will be arrested at the age of 45 Huaian Yang yang. Yangzi Evening News reporter Wan Lingyun correspondent Zhang Jie crawling theft never lift, then rushed to the Suzhou fence during the interview, Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau police detachment vice captains Gu Jian told reporters, Yang Zhenjiang is locked in a series of tobacco theft suspects, is extremely difficult and even described as "the history of rare". Is involved in the investigation in the detachment before, from the beginning of January this year, Zhenjiang District, Jingkou, Runzhou district are frequently happened dozens of supermarkets were stolen, means similar to the current check lock is Yang made has 28 cases, involving up to about 100000 yuan. Yang so frequent crime, many home stolen supermarket have surveillance, why has not catch Yang Zhenrong Mount Lu? Police extracted a number of victims of the supermarket surveillance video to answer the question. The reporter saw in the video, wearing a helmet and mask, Yang, in open the gate of the supermarket, the supermarket immediately slowly climbed into the burglary, succeeded after climbing out of the supermarket. "The whole process, he never looked up, involved in the investigation of the brigade captain Sun Guopeng told reporters that he knew the supermarket has a probe, so he never looked up to the probe shooting opportunity. The police in the early access to the video, thought it was open a department of "ghost", see the crawling Yang, think "zombie resurrection". In then, Yang never ride the electric car all the way to the end, but the way to stop transform ride taxi, and even deliberately and put "scam to the police". And, in a large number of cigarettes were stolen after Yang, in order to avoid the fence in Zhenjiang caused police attention, will take the train to Suzhou will smoke. Previously, because Yang in Suzhou has a similar record of the incident, the Suzhou fence Shumenshulu, and Zhenjiang police had no trace. The hidden probe in the trees and let him wash the "prototype" eventually let him away. Still rely on a video. In August 11th, is located in the north of ZhenJiang Railway Station square Runjiang supermarket, 4 a.m., and was a man rolling door open. In the morning, when the owner found the shop stolen after the store, the Yuxi and other 31 cigarettes were stolen. At the same time, received 4100 yuan in cash register also take wings to itself. Liu Jinming immediately rushed to the scene, and along the monitoring tune out. The follow-up monitoring showed that the masked man was wearing a black shirt, by the Zhongshan Zhenjiang road to Zhongshan bridge a newsstand, he will stop the car battery after a roadside kiosk after hiding in the locker. The man will be on the sleeve off the helmet masks and picked together into the trunk of the car battery. Then, he put a T-shirt from the newsstand after,.相关的主题文章: