Nanjing International Art Exhibition exhibitors selected CCAA Contemporary Art Award queer as folk

Nanjing international art exhibition of artists selected CCAA China Contemporary Art Award CCAA China prize for contemporary art Chinese as the oldest and most important contemporary art academic awards, the first awards since 1998 has been 19 years of history, with the award of the development and influence of the continuously expanding, more and more young artists hope to participate in the awards in. At the same time, the CCAA China foundation for contemporary art prize also hopes to encourage those who are still not in the public, market and academic horizons, but has always insisted on independent thinking and personal practice of the artist’s participation. 2016 CCAA China Contemporary Art Award artist award will be held on -15 November 13, 2016 in the CCAA China Contemporary Art Award Foundation Beijing Office (CCAACUBE). Cang Xin, Tian Xiaolei, art education group of three artists and art organizations were selected in 2016 CCAA China Contemporary Art Award artist award. At the same time, three of them as the third Nanjing International Art Exhibition [theme exhibition] participating artists, will be in November 12, 2016 -2017 in Nanjing, hundreds of Lake Art Exhibition on their personal works. Cang Xin   Cang Xin 1-007-2016 Latent Structure 1-007-2016 series submersible structure Acrylics Painting acrylic painting 350 cm diameter Diameter, 2016 dimension series 1-006-2015 Extradimensional Dark Consciousnessseries dark consciousness 1-006-2015 Acrylics Painting 300× 325cm acrylic painting; 2015, was born in 1967 in Inner Mongolia, graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, now lives and works in Beijing. The series of dark consciousness is concerned with the inner psychology of human beings, from which we can see the dark side of human beings. Cang Xin records in his notes: "dark matter constitutes the main part of the universe, it is not being aware, I think" consciousness "and" spirit "in the omnipresent cosmic void, a" form of energy body consciousness "and" spirit "is the source of life this" dark consciousness ", is a subtle form of existence, exerts a subtle influence on the formation of life." Here, things, small insects, incomplete or nonexistent objects have a visual form, the human heart hidden mental activity, silence or not feel things in speaking or perception. Tian Xiaolei   Tian Xiaolei Create Video 5:302015 to create the image was born in 1982 in Beijing, graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in digital media, with a bachelor’s degree, now living and working.相关的主题文章: