Nanjing purchase the first day 340 couples divorced for the same period last year, 3

Nanjing purchase on the first day: 340 couples divorced for the same period last year, 3 times the original title: Nanjing purchase divorce: white haired old man, pregnant women get together to divorce in September 26th, Nanjing Huaqiaolu real estate transaction registration center, with visiting for business people ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Shi Xianghui photo Xuanwu District Civil Affairs Bureau divorce registration office an elderly couple to divorce, the modern express reporter Zhao Jie photo ZAKER Nanjing Gulou District Civil Affairs Bureau divorce registration office, big belly to divorce yesterday is the Nanjing purchase on the first day that the implementation of the real estate transaction registration center of overseas Chinese people still head of people, but the market has changed, a lot of second-hand housing owners purchase as "the second-hand housing supply", have a price hike. Some developers had a false start, some developers to postpone the opening, some developers high-profile claims will be price increases. Yesterday, there is a very lively place in Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau divorce registration office, the modern express reporter interviewed learned that the surge in the number of divorces, some claiming to be the purchase of the new deal reminder to. Modern express ZAKER Nanjing reporter Ma Lele data transactions fell? Still need to observe the race with the new deal, in September 25th, Nanjing finally set out to subscribe for 1570 sets, the record of the transaction of the new home of the 1604, is the peak of the weekend of two times. Yesterday’s subscription and transaction data is greatly reduced, to 20 points, Nanjing new home subscription volume of 174 units, turnover of 596 sets. However, just one day of data can not prove that the market heat down. In general, the subscription amount will not be a lot of Monday, the amount of 174 sets and a few Monday before too much difference. And that’s what happened on Sunday when a lot of subscriptions were overdrawn." Insiders believe that the purchase of the policy will take time to digest. Modern Express reporter yesterday came to overseas Chinese Road trading registration center, did not see signs of decline in popularity. However, the purchase will be part of the field of foreign investment and part of the local multi suite crowd out of the market, the majority of the industry believes that the property market turnover will gradually decline in the return of stability. Second-hand housing niuqi, second-hand housing price at Nanjing purchase order spared for second-hand housing, the provisions of the Nanjing local people purchase only for new homes. This is a lot of second-hand property for second-hand housing to consumer "in Nanjing yesterday a lot of second-hand owner temporary increase or simply do not sell back. Hu Juanjuan, assistant general manager of second-hand housing electricity supplier in Nanjing, said yesterday that she was responsible for the second-hand housing transactions in the main city, there are 4 single owner or not to increase the price of the situation. Bai Shui Qian Cheng a set of 63 square meters of housing, the original owners offer 1 million 380 thousand yuan, about yesterday day and people buy a house meeting, the owner can temporarily do not master family, not to sell, canceled the interview. Gulou District Marriott in a set of 38 square meters of large-sized apartment, the original price 920 thousand yuan, the owner of temporary increase 30 thousand. German surplus International Plaza, there is also a temporary owner of the house does not sell the situation, there are many homeowners are also hesitant, in short, the mentality of the owner of the new deal is very unstable." She said. Lin Sheng real estate company Senna luxury store manager Zhang Qingshan introduction, Kay相关的主题文章: