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Nanyang octogenarian old man met the blind after 50 years to work in just ways love again: Wang Qingguo is the story about 82 year old male host: reporter Liu Na Wang Qingguo of 82 years old, white haired, teeter, the body is healthy. Because of fear of falling, when he went upstairs to his hands on one side of the stairs, one foot first step, put steady, the other foot and then slowly up. Even so, he let his son carrying him home from Henan oilfield to the newspaper editorial department, through the trust of the "Nanyang Evening News", to speak to the song "girl" after being apart a long time to listen, to let the emotional appeal of young generation on the elderly. Behind this, what kind of story? (network picture) saw one side, each other heart to the newspaper, I am very hesitant. More than and 80 year old people, but also to talk about their emotional story, will not let young people joke? I didn’t want to come, but I was in the Henan oil field of the old guys who encouraged me to try. They say I have a culture, can tell their own things, but also on behalf of them to understand the aspirations of the elderly. I think this thing, not just my personal thing, on the cheek to come. Say myself first. I was born in the early 30s of last century, his hometown in Luoyang, Luoning. Before the founding of new China, I joined the army, in the medical team, medical treatment to participate in the liberation war, the PLA soldiers, they have been injured. After the founding of new China, according to the organization, I came to Nanyang to work as a surgeon in the hospital of Fangcheng. Although I was a stranger, but to my fellow leaders and Fangcheng are good. I do not publicity, work steadfast, helpful, unity colleagues, the pursuit of progress. To the marriageable age, around a lot of people introduced me to the object. Among them, there are two girls for me. A man surnamed Zhang, looks ordinary, cultural level is not high, but the liberal and dignified, simple and virtuous. A song, is a doctor who is good-looking, kind and gentle. Dating in that era, young people today may not be able to understand. Mostly, the introducer of both men and women see strings, and recognized by the parent organization and the unit, the married, both men and women know very little chance to contact with each other. After the meeting, I was inclined to miss song, from her eyes, I can see that she likes me. At this moment, I am suffering from tuberculosis, the organization introduced me to the field treatment, and decided to pick someone to take care of my daily life. Song girl at this time just to Nanyang study, by the higher authorities agree, Miss Zhang followed me to. Because a girl will take care of, I had a very rapid recovery. Later, I returned to the city, after recovery, agreed to, and a girl engaged. Think of this is not informed of the song girl, I feel very guilty, went to Nanyang to send a telegram to her, told her that I was about to get married. This is not a half a century when communication is not convenient, the song the girl received the telegram, I and a girl has to date. She immediately returned from Nanyang. The day she came back, I was married to miss zhang. She saw it has reached the point of no return, he kept saying "strange, strange", but I’m from her smile, or see the lonely heart, I feel sorry for her, but also comfort myself, maybe this is fate. After I got married, song相关的主题文章: