Net about car revolution bad boy by an uncertain future mentalist

Net about car revolution "bad boy" by uncertain – reporter Li Zeyu reported in Beijing in November 1st, the taxi industry legal network about the time of the car before, only half a month from now. Prior to this day, the city will launch the appropriate network about car rules, to inform the network about how the car should marry into the rich". In October 8th, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four is known as the "first-tier cities" traffic authorities also announced that the "rules" for the network about cars, this is a list of possible ". This is not the "quasi law" for the first time confrontation, it will not be the last. Since the car network about the date of birth, it will play a revolutionary role, while the taxi industry has always been reluctant to face the challenges. Although the seven ministries of the new regulations on the taxi industry such a dream, but the local traffic managers but still do the network about the car into the old system of dreams, they seem completely unaware that this is a revolution. The new deal on the north side of the four cities in the first day of the launch of the new car about the new deal, a highly convergent and almost harsh rules, so that the new version of the local city of four questioned. National School of Administration law professor, China administrative law enforcement behavior research association, the United Nations Development Programme, the government under the rule of law project of Chinese leader Zhang Xiaoyu, in October 11th at the "ask" online forum on public opposition. "According to the provisions of the" administrative licensing law "the second paragraph of article fifteenth, local regulations and the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the people’s government regulations, the enactment of administrative license, shall not restrict the individuals or enterprises of other regions to engage in production and business and providing services in this area, are not allowed to enter the local market restrict the commodities of other regions. Requires about the car driver must have a local household registration, its internal logic may be consistent with the existing taxi management system. However, taxi drivers must have a local residence is illegal. This is also clear." A person close to the Ministry of communications, who declined to be named, told the China Times reporter, said: "the four cities will play a demonstration role for other cities around the city of the new deal. The final execution time of the Ministry of transport led seven ministries about the new car network set for November 1st, so 10 months late, most of the city will face must launch a local version of the new network about the car situation, around the network about cars will be issued." The North Guangzhou Shenzhen four tier cities demonstration, has decided the current round of the general trend of the new deal. Vehicle configuration is higher than the city’s original parade taxi, more stringent requirements and other measures, will become the mainstream of the current round of local opinion." Before the "bad boy" by the fact that in 2011, Chinese taxi market chaos is not divided, the taxi industry that is regarded as profiteering industry, in the impression of people, the taxi companies earn pours. By the end of 2011, shake the car to become China’s first network about the car platform, it broke the traditional pattern of the taxi industry, since China’s urban travel areas began to appear around the car". The first appeared in the original car"相关的主题文章: