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"Net" time more and more children early life online – Beijing – when the light of heart from care newspaper Intern Wang Manning is a chase. Ran in front, is a 3 year old Yingying, her mouth saying "look for a" mother in the chase. Every day, you chase me to run in this ordinary family almost to play more than 5 times, because the phone. Yingying’s mother found her daughter Yue Tong, will use finger sliding screen mobile phone at the age of two, is just beginning to see some photos and videos, now will play some simple mobile phone game. It seems that in Yue Tong, like opening a Pandora’s box". China Internet Information Center statistics show that as of the end of 2015, the total number of Internet users in China has reached 688 million, Internet users under the age of 19 accounted for about 24.1% of all Internet users, of which less than 10 years old Internet users over the age of 18 million. Smart touch screen device can bring to children? What will it take to make the next generation? Parents can’t find the answers to these questions. Children born in the touch screen are growing up in their parents’ anxiety. In 2016, the report on the development of the Internet in the world of Wuzhen, the paper puts forward a more critical issue — children’s online protection. The report notes that the international community continues to focus on child online protection. The international community attaches great importance to the impact of harmful information on minors, to develop action plans to combat online child pornography, governance, such as cyber bullying. Second children’s online protection (We Protect) Global Forum, the participants signed a joint action statement of the 41 participants. The "people" "the child is from a few years old came into contact with the network?" Beijing citizen Wang Fei wanted to say: "should be two or three years old. A child crying, how to coax coax bad, I will give the child to see pictures and animation on the phone, the child immediately quiet down. Over time, I used to use this way to divert the attention of the child. But I found that this is actually a wrong way, and now children want to watch cartoons every day, do not give him a look at the temper, it is a headache." The focus of the computer industry is not so strict. Her son began to play mobile phone intelligent parents from the age of two, when he can carry iPad, other toys will be cast into the shade. The son learned poetry, idiom, three words by APP. One day, the son suddenly sings to the screen again and again: "swallow wears a dress." In China, members like "worms" has become the Internet army. Not long ago, the Tencent Inc issued a "children’s Internet Security Report" guidelines, data show that 90% of the Chinese children (referring to minors under the age of 18) in daily contact with the Internet, the city net rate of nearly 95% children. For the first time the net age is getting smaller and smaller, the report figures show that 56% of children younger than 5 years old the first time online. "Aboriginal network", this is the Communication University of China Professor, director of network law and intellectual property research center of Wang Sixin on the current environment of children’s summary, reason is that "today is an Internet era, children living in such an environment, Yue相关的主题文章: