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New York 9 days 8 nights free lodging tourism Raiders – Sohu invited me to thank since the tacit bartending and New York leap 12 difference just met from Gatsby castle to Rockefeller’s penthouse, from Long Island local small fishing pier to crowded Times Square, the carnival from one person to the governor of the island of Central Park from the music, don’t finish around the metropolitan Broolyn street, from Statue of Liberty to Chinese city supermarket, along the way a lot of stories a lot of scenery. Because there are a lot of free to sum up their experience and share, I hope you can go to New York to find the scenery you want to see, want to belong to your story! Before starting to prepare the visa is not so painful a lot of people think the United States signed visa is a troublesome visa, actually process or not so hard, first in a treasure for a sign with the highest rate of visa, then to take seriously in accordance with the requirements to fill in the information table. After data approved, they go back to request an interview time, I’m lazy chose Beijing at 14:30 in the afternoon interview, that I was the last wave of interview, I will turn from 14:30 to 17:50, I didn’t bring a lot of information more careless, but fortunately did not see, had signed (I think the electronic data and the first the impression is very important, must let them feel that you do not have the tendency of migrants, I) for emergencies passport and visa officer said 1 days to sign two days to get a passport. Note 1, signed to find a buddy accompanied here except you and other information, can’t take (including mobile phone keys etc.) 2, next to a lot of cattle try not to believe themselves in accordance with the requirements of the queue. Before I put $China to bank to exchange money, bring your ID card to change money, with the money more convenient, recommended for good in china. Accommodation must be booked in advance about the United States reservation we ordered a small villa, a kitchen washing machine, more convenient, can do something to eat at home, the local people can experience the feeling of. The three floor of the small villa, pushed open the door is the street walk is the subway, is relatively easy. New York advised me in the imperial charter provides a local private guide accompanied on English not good buddy is really important, but also took me to the local tourist attractions is the most cattle, is to find me a bowl of authentic Hunan Rice noodles in times square around. In the United States after a few days of eating hamburgers and cheese burrito lobster, in the bustling Times Square to eat the moment Hunan hometown vermicelli have chopped hot pepper, the happiness index burst table. However, you can not enter the day in Manhattan to stop, after 7 in the evening after some places can be free parking, the key Manhattan more traffic jams. In Manhattan I recommend the subway through (but the subway is too complicated, I almost lost), English and lack of sense of direction really friends, or do the Royal chartered right, very at ease. New York can not miss miss miss what can not miss the Statue of Liberty is the first image of the statue of liberty, a lot of movies have appeared相关的主题文章: