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No ass is beautiful! Independent hatchback what car to buy? Sohu cars in SUV Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River before car is undoubtedly the most Car Buying preferred. (said that in addition to SUV and what car you don’t go, MPV micro car is pickup you eat?) In the car, three car models and no doubt occupy an absolute advantage, after all, there is a car is the butt of the views of consumers in China has long been ingrained. The hatchback is really out of the Nothing is right., only? No. Compared with the three sedan, hatchback car is shorter, more suitable for the crowded city; the hatchback trunk opening more and more suitable for some large goods transportation; and many hatchback appearance even more beautiful than the three car. The cylinder will bring you brother today from several independent brand hatchback car, to see whether they are worth buying. Kai Chen R50 guidance price: 6.98-8.58 million: 1 in the same level models have advantages in space. 2 dynamic performance is quite satisfactory, but the fuel consumption is satisfied, the urban fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, about 6-7L. Worth: 1 suspension tuning due to the heat, for the vibration of the filter is not in place, affecting the ride comfort. The 2 interior styling old-fashioned, hard plastic impact touch area. 3 models are too old, in terms of security can not compare with the latest models. Cylinder brother comments: This is one of the advantages and disadvantages are distinctive car, basically can be seen as a "Chinese version" old tiida. Although the shortcomings of the models are old, some can not keep up with the trend, but at the same time this is the advantage of the car: because it is very mature so do not make any mistake. If you just need a good means of transport, the budget is not so abundant, R50 is a good choice. A MG3 guide price: 6.37-8.37 million value: 1 appearance worthy of praise, have the feeling of MINI. 2 chassis stability is high, high speed does not send. 3 appearance and interior work are very detailed, detailed processing in place. Not worth: 1 automatic only AMT, for the ride is not good. 2.1.3L version of the power is weak, 1.5L has improved. Only the 3 version of 1.5L standard Aluminum Alloy hub. Cylinder elder brother commented: MG3 an appearance, on the civilian version of MINI identity to get a lot of people’s favor. But the AMT shifting comfort is always a flawed, and the high price to some extent affected the market performance, but has a terminal about 8000 yuan discount. Changan escape XT guidance price: 8.29-9.79 million value: 1 passive safety configuration is complete, the whole system comes standard with ESP. 2 comfort configuration is rich, and the use of soft materials more leather. 3 look beautiful, more beautiful than the hatchback version of the three version of the model car. Not worth: 1.NVH general, slightly higher speed noise. 2 suspension tuning hard, and high speed stability is not good. 3 low torque performance is not good. Cylinder elder brother comments: Yi moving XT design but attracted a lot of eyeballs, while the main passive security.相关的主题文章: