None of the three large infrastructure, automotive electricity supplier is nonsense exit safe mode

None of the three large infrastructure, automotive electricity supplier is nonsense comments Dezhuan Phoenix car car electricity supplier, you must start from the infrastructure. Road traffic, water supply, telecommunications network, which is the infrastructure of national economy, national infrastructure complete to nurture the rich culture, advanced science and technology, the quality of civilization. Infrastructure like operating system, if there is no infrastructure, many utilities will become a fundamental, not working together. Along with the automobile electricity supplier concept of wind, vertical media, portal providers, OEMs, distributors are hoping to win the stampede in group, business entrance position, however, after a year with the withdrawal of rash and too much in haste, traditional channels give great resistance and capital strength, some automobile business enterprise bankruptcy and layoffs transformation, with the cool days the fall of potential. Automotive electricity supplier is an inevitable trend in the future, but to play to turn the car electricity supplier, must grab from the infrastructure. Automotive electricity supplier business infrastructure is what? The author believes that the three major infrastructure: financial services platform, online trading platform, logistics delivery platform fidelity. The three basic platform for users to purchase in the logical order, the specific point of view: 1, financial services platform of automobile consumption as low frequency high consumption, it seems natural that the traditional electricity supplier of insulation, ordinary users online payment first line delivery only tail sales to low frequency high into low frequency amount to user transaction security. The establishment of the financial services platform can be further transformed into a high frequency of low consumption of automotive consumer habits, more fit the traditional electricity supplier user purchase behavior. First of all, all entered the automobile electricity supplier cars of all financial products, you can enjoy a platform to provide financial services, low pay zero interest rates, reducing the threshold of Car Buying. Then, because the user needs a monthly repayment, that is, every month with the platform to cooperate with the financial companies to contact, which gives the platform to sell goods and services to determine the stability of the timing of the user contact. For example, in accordance with the length of the user to promote the purchase of conservation products or conservation services, joint friends of the Union launched the tourism products. If there is no financial services platform, electric cars do is "short-lived business", remembered users 3-5 years of automotive electronic business platform once, but if users are bad, the car business platform hasn’t had a chance to restore the user, to form a long time bomb reputation. 2, the online trading platform of fidelity car home dealers is a primary function of Yellow Pages online trading platform, online dealers offer, users search the local 4S store location and to store transactions, the reason is because the primary dealer quotes are the yellow pages more moisture, and the user cannot know the real price transparency. Often to the store there are a lot of additional services at a certain price to buy vehicles. The online trading platform is the key to fidelity fidelity, massive dealers need to comply with the unified rules on the platform, according to the actual quotation transparent prices, the additional cost of logistics, quality service and so on also need the prices at the same time the store SKU real-time updates, users can online WYSIWYG, or direct payment to complete the transaction in line or in line.相关的主题文章: