Note 7 drubbing Samsung S8 heavy strokes were exposed-jslottery

Note 7 drubbing Samsung S8 heavy strokes by exposure of consumers, analysts and endless explosion, operators are gradually on the Samsung Note7 lost patience and confidence, the second mobile operators have been thoroughly with Note7 not goodbye. The current situation, and in iPhone 7 commander, Note7 drubbing, Samsung powder can only hope that S8. Before, there are rumors that Samsung S8 also want to use a pair of lenses, and now have some basis. According to foreign media reports, Samsung has applied for registration of two trademarks in Korea, namely LightUp Camera and Light+ Camera. Samsung mentioned in the description, this sensor will be used to enhance the brightness and brightness of the low light environment. Combined with the current function of the dual camera on the smart phone, Samsung should be raised by the dual lens. In fact, looking back, the popularity of new features on the smart phone is really fast. Now, fingerprint identification has become a standard, future double lens also has the popularity of the trend, Samsung S8 with dual lens is not surprising. According to the current exposure information, the Samsung S8 is expected to be released in February 26th, but it can advance?相关的主题文章: