Note7 is also dangerous than Jingdong electricity supplier fake oil to the engine scrapped – Sohu au huangshexiaoshuo

More dangerous than Note7 Jingdong to fake oil engine Scrap – electric car Sohu Shell China official said in a statement, the Shell Companies for sampling inspection by Shell to sell proprietary goods related to Jingdong, confirmed that the sample is not produced by Shell. In other words, Jingdong is selling Shell oil is fake. The Shell Companies to fake cause filed the event had from June 3rd speaking, a garage owner Mr. Wang bought 99 barrels from "imported from Malaysia" by the Jingdong Shell mall stores (shell) Heli HX75W-40 SN 4L HeineKen blue lubricating oil, receiving and found the oil drum product description it shows that the lubricating oil is the origin of Hongkong Chinese. This makes Mr. Wang suspicious. Subsequently, Mr. Wang contacted the Shell Companies’s customer service to reflect this, the customer responded, the lubricating oil in the domestic sales of the Shell Companies, in the open oil tank cover second layers will show the verification code, but in this batch of lubricating oil Mr. Wang to buy four barrels, apart only a barrel with a verification code. In this regard, the Jingdong official made it clear that "absolutely not fake", and explained that these products are different from the origin of the problem, from Malaysia, also from Hongkong, according to the warehouse inventory were shipped, but the product quality is no problem. The event after the media exposure, caused the attention of Shell China, through the inspection, confirmed the sale of Shell Jingdong self lubricating oil production is not Shell, subsequently issued an official statement said, has asked the BOE to immediately stop the sale of the product.相关的主题文章: