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Can you get the best of these smart bulbs Market The Verge Chinese station reported on August 25th Home Furnishing intelligent products can make people’s life more convenient now, but the trouble is, because the technology is not perfect, some products are not stable and efficient work, headache. Take smart bulbs, from a positive point of view, they can adapt to the mobile phone control, no longer need to go to the switch, it is very convenient. Advanced features such as timing, linked with other equipment and even follow the music rhythm, increasing interest in life. So, how to choose the best smart bulbs? The Verge believes that a good intelligent lighting system needs to have the following criteria: easy to install and use, stable connection, linkage rich. Based on this principle, The Verge selected the current market the best smart bulbs, and gives other options, together to understand. You can buy these in the market the best smart bulb first at present: PHILPS Hue (second generation) reference price: $150 (about 999 yuan) is the first PHILPS Hue smart bulbs, is currently one of the best products. It is very simple to set up, first you need to connect to the WIFI router Hub, then you can use iPhone (Siri), Amazon Echo and other devices to control the light bulb, including switches, change color, adjust brightness, etc.. Three different kinds of light bulbs in the PHILPS packaging, is a pure white light bulb, a light bulb is full color, and one can adjust the color temperature of the white light bulb. Relatively speaking, the last one is more suitable for ordinary users, because not all people need green lights, the price is cheaper. As for a Hub, you can support up to 50 bulbs, if you want to configure the whole home is an intelligent lighting system is no problem. Most importantly, the performance of PHILPS Hue is very stable, and support for IFTTT and other connectivity, in addition to the Android application of the occasional error, no obvious disadvantages basically. Second: Samsung SmartThings reference price: $150 (about 999 yuan) The Verge believes that if you want more linkage function, such as the lock, automatically turn off the lights or security camera to detect change bulb flashing, Samsung SmartThings is the better choice. Samsung its acquisition of SmartThings, gradually equipped with a very comprehensive intelligent system, products covered by security cameras, washing machine, TV, socket and so on, these products can be linked with intelligent lighting, experience is more flexible. Of course, the operation may also be more trouble. Set up, Samsung SmartThings smart bulbs is relatively easy, and even can be compatible with a large number of third party switch, in fact you have marked the bulb printed with OSRAM, Samsung itself does not produce light bulbs. Of course, Hub is naturally SmartThings standard. However, SmartThings applications for multi room lighting excellent]相关的主题文章: