One of the worst artists in the United States, and now a painting valuation 300

"One of the worst artists, now a picture of Roy Lichtenstein (Roy Lichtenstein) 300 million valuation was later regarded as the" father of pop art, "the main push the mid twentieth Century American Art nouveau. He used acrylic paints by flat coated color and black lines depict to the performance of American popular humorous comic strip, and made him famous all his hand drawn this point (Ben-Day dots), a representation of the strong commercial culture and the characteristics of the times when the American society. This form of creation was controversial at the time, and in 1964 the New York Times rated Roy as "America’s worst painter". Today, May 2015 at Sotheby’s on his "ring" (1962) valuation of $50 million. Sotheby’s said: "the ring" contains the artist enduring works of art in all important topics.   * "1962" ring in 2013 Christie’s auction Roy "Huamao woman" this picture with Picasso style paintings sold for $56 million 300 thousand. The "girl" in 1963 November 2011 a taqiyah Christie made history by Roy in 1964 the creation of high-profile masterpiece "Ohhh… Alright… To achieve the value of $42642500, creating a new record of the artist’s world auction. "Ohhh"… Alright… This piece of work is the hallmark of the commercial printing technology Ben-Day dots clearly show the way to get a copy of the revelation, showing the charm of Roy Lichtenstein. For all the Roy logo paintings, "Ohhh… Alright… Is superior, refined, humorous. The picture of the girl with blue eyes and large impressive hair, she is drawing Roy during 1961-1965’s "dream girl (dream-girls)" sign a role in this series of works, make Roy become the most exciting and the most controversial artist, and gained international reputation. Fame in 60s Roy Lichtenstein, he has to promote the arts become the new American Art foot and European painting system don’t sign, even many have been influenced by American commercial foreign culture, he also feel the work force. Roy quoted from comic books, daily necessities, advertising and art history of great artists such as Picasso, Monet, Matisse leger, were transformed into large-scale deformation, techniques and creative style of his own original creation, the field is more extensive, see the sculpture, posters etc.. Roy Lichtenstein was created with abstract expressionism relative realistic pop art style of painting under his brush art without boundaries, life art, art of living, the elegant art of folk custom, the art to the people.相关的主题文章: