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One thousand and one kinds of noodles, for me to warm your stomach and Sohu in late autumn, cool weather makes people think more and more that a bowl of noodles, it is a kind of touched by the warm, it spread from the corners of the mouth into the stomach, make people feel comfortable, well-being continue to add. A bowl of hot to eat, to greet the coming winter, drink it hot soup this winter, you won’t feel cold… Maybe this is just a bowl of very simple, but in the upcoming cold, give you a hug is the most intangible warm "". The rich fragrance, smooth taste is full of the taste of love, the thick of the. Shrimp soup – – material ingredients: 200 grams of noodles; shrimp 100 grams of edible oil 1 tablespoon; materials: 2 grams of salt; 2 pieces of 1 pieces of lettuce; ginger; 1 tsp soy sauce 1 prawns remove the shrimp, gut, wash 2 wok pour oil, add ginger, slightly fried shrimp fried red 3 the oil into the water, add salt, soy sauce 4 water boiled noodles 5 cooked noodles add lettuce and tomato and pumpkin soup boil – material ingredients: 150 grams of flour; pumpkin 60 grams; 1 tomato; rape 3 tree accessories: 1 teaspoons of salt; 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoons oil; 1 pumpkin peeled seeded wash and cut into small pieces into the cooking machine, add appropriate amount of water into the mud and mud 2 pumpkin into flour, and into a hard dough, hand roll Then, the liquid and flour proportion control in 2:5, covered with plastic wrap and rest for 20 minutes on the chopping board 3 sprinkle some noodles, put the dough slightly rubbed his 4 roll into thin slices, JiaoZiPi roll I use small rolling pin. If the population, will have to change the big rolling pin, to patch circles overlap in the winding rolling pin roll, but also from time to time with noodles or starch to prevent sticking 5 fan folded 6 fold like a knife cut into uniform strip, wide and narrow, with 7 shake off their love to open 8 tomato wash chopped, rape wash from the middle cut scallion scallion One divides into two.; reserve 9 wok set the fire, add the oil, after the heat put the tomato fried scallion stir into 10 Chili oil fragrance 11 add soy sauce and stir fry for a while after immediately add appropriate amount of water, boil 12 boiled water into the noodles, gently with chopsticks disperse 13 fire after boiling for two minutes, add salt and rape, rape discoloration immediately after the fire to enjoy it – – material ingredient Rice-meat dumplings noodles Ingredients: 200 grams of noodles: pork 100 grams of edible oil 1 tsp; onion; 1; 2 grams of salt; soy sauce 1 teaspoon vinegar; 1 teaspoon sesame oil; a few drops of 1 wok pour oil, add diced green onion. 2 green onion and stir fry. 3 boiling water into the noodles. 4 into the fried Rice-meat dumplings cook. 5 noodles cooked with little green vegetables. 6 pour the salt, soy sauce, vinegar, the sesame oil into the bowl of juice. The相关的主题文章: