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One year old Baidu artificial intelligence degree secret can do? Sohu science and technology / bear out of ink, please note that recently, Baidu as degree secret held a birthday birthday, the meeting announced the degree of the status quo and some prospects for the future. In the birthday of the secret, and not only Lecture Room speaker Mengman professor of poetry and scene creation acrostic, also with the TV drama "smiled very little" theme song singer Wang Sulong singing a song at the scene. The secret of business leader Sun Wenyu said in an interview, in the past year, the degree of Peru mainly do two things, one is polished scene of core competence (including service access and optimization experience), the other one is to partially open technology interfaces, for application scenarios. In September 8th last year, Baidu World Conference, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li released a degree of mystery – a way to provide a virtual assistant secretary of the robot robot service. This set of new generation search, speech recognition, artificial intelligence, big data and a series of "future technology" of the robot will appear in "secret" status, and Robin Li also announced that the secret of not only free, also will be open to all app, and can be embedded into a variety of intelligent devices. Over the past years of growth, now not only in secret users need to check the weather, look at the stock, when to shopping play the role of the Secretary of the small life, but also can stop to meet users find a restaurant, takeout, movies, etc. all kinds of service requirements of KTV idle away in seeking pleasure. In addition, the degree of secret also supports intelligent reminder function, through the star voice, robot call, set alarm clock and other forms of intimate care of the user’s life. During the college entrance examination, the degree of secret also use big data and artificial intelligence technology, help candidates fill in college entrance examination, providing support for nearly 5 million candidates and parents, in response to the request for more than 30 million college entrance examination service. The Rio Olympics, the secret is "the first incarnation of the robot of artificial intelligence, the narrator, as the user running commentary on multi field popular basketball match, and professional commentator Yang Yi on live together. In addition, KFC has become the first secret of the robot of artificial intelligence staff, let the consumer online experience of the robot of artificial intelligence services, technical services to become more intelligent. According to Wang Haifeng, vice president of Baidu, Baidu in the accumulation of secret mainly depends on three aspects: the deep accumulation in Baidu search technology and platform for more than ten years; Baidu in artificial intelligence technology leader in the past five or six years the focus of investment, including machine learning, data mining, Natural Language Processing, voice, image and user modeling etc. the technology, including information services, knowledge, such as various types of data and powerful computing ability; Baidu content, services and financial ecology etc.. In the future, there will be more scenes of life and the degree of access to Peru, according to Sun Wenyu said, the next step to provide private intelligence service more comprehensive degree is expected to secret for the user, and the output of their ability in many other areas, promote the era of intelligent life. For example, voice support for mobile phones, smart watches, smart home, car and other new scenes to provide capacity support, open SDK interface, and more 4相关的主题文章: