Onled not only agree with China identity as the people of Manchuria-denka

Onled: don’t take "Chinese" identity as the Manchuria people’s unique identity [Abstract] last Chinese in the world occupies the important position of the times, eighteenth Century. This time, by Emperor Qianlong to introduce western, let readers know the current prosperity in politics, economy and culture of Chinese not unprecedented, but happened in history, and even the general. Interview | Tencent culture correspondent Li Yang October 22nd, vice Provost for international affairs at the Harvard University in America long onled to Beijing Normal University to participate in the "thoughts and methods: change order, cross Civilization: inside and outside the" historical China academic forum. Here, Ge Zhaoguang, Wang Rongzu, and other scholars also Baolige attending the forum moment as the capital of academic attention. On the day of the discussion, as emphasized Manchuria special "new Qing history" representative onled about history Chinese (especially the Qing Dynasty) "empire" of the nature, concept and its development, emphasizes the importance of diaphragm and translation, discourse analysis. Onled professor after onled accepted the Tencent culture interviews, speeches of any meaning, such as the Qing Dynasty national character, identity, cultural diversification in the core area of the Yangtze River in the Qing Dynasty, from the perspective of dynamic meaning, significance and research value of the Qian Longdi era, popular history and historians writing problems such as responsibility a more detailed response. The following is the full text of the interview, the article by the author approval: why is not discussed China Empire Tencent culture: you has been in the past few years on the back for attention to the issue of Empire, and Empire, what is the significance? Onled: now he has said "the Chinese Empire" is a phrase, regardless of the Qing Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, the Han Dynasty still and so on, as long as it is after the Qin and Han Dynasty, can be called "Chinese dynasty Empire", but sometimes it is not always very clear empire, in the end what is said. At that time no one used the word "empire" to describe the state of Tang or Ming dynasty. We should try our best to make the words more accurate and clear. What is the meaning of "empire"? After the concept is clear, it will not be clear to the extent that you can not talk about, there will always be some debate about the empire. But at least some principles can be put forward, or some of the behavior of the mechanism, the consensus on the idea, constitute the Empire of the common. So, when we say "empire", we know what to say. That’s why I’m interested in empire. Jiaqing period territory map. From Tan Bian Qixiang "Historical Atlas China". Tencent culture: Mr. Ge Zhaoguang said in his speech, rather than trace back to the root, it is better to discuss the nature and characteristics of the country. Onled: This is a kind of opinion, I have no objection. I’m not just interested in getting to know the word "empire," I’m interested in empire. I think that the history of the concept of "empire" is only the beginning, and then the meaning of "empire" in every era, or in the use of it, in a specific environment. On that day, the professor also talked about this, he said, "empire" concept "if it is very narrow, it is only a kind of textual research, but it can also be regarded as a way of thinking history. I am more inclined to the teacher’s point of view. But I also think that Professor Ge’s opinion is very good, he reminds us to do so相关的主题文章: