Opening Up To Your Spirit Guides-yo te amo

Spirituality Nowadays it is more and more recognised that everyone is born with a guide who is there to help them throughout their life. Some people have additional guides who .e to help them with a specific lesson they need to learn at some point, or with a certain project they wish to ac.plish. Guides are your closest friends in the spirit world. They are there to help you and are available to you as soon as you ask for help or guidance. They give inspiration and pass messages to you through your intuition. At first, guide-provided intuition doesn’t feel much different from other types of information you receive. However, once you recognise it, you can easily perceive when you are receiving extra insight and guidance. One evening, during a psychic development class I was teaching at the time, a lady who had started to develop her intuitive skills throughout the course, rushed to tell me of her experience during the previous week. A year or so prior to the start of the classes she had lost her husband through illness. She had wanted to get back in touch with a medium she had seen soon after her husband’s death. The medium had told her now was not the right time and to .e back in a few months. The lady had appreciated the medium’s honesty and decided she was ready to go back. However, in the meantime she had unfortunately lost the medium’s phone number. “You’ll never guess what happened to me the other day”, she told me. “I’d decided to go to this psychic fayre I’d seen advertised. I was going with the idea in my head that the medium I wanted to see might be there, although I thought it was a long shot. I didn’t tell anyone I was going, or why, so what happened could ONLY have been my guide helping. “I went and looked around, leaving disappointed as there was nothing there for me”, she continued. “As I was heading for the back door, for some reason I had a real urge to turn around and go out of the front door. As I got to the door, a Range Rover stopped in the road in front of me. The driver, a lady, rolled down the passenger window and said to me, ‘Here, this is what you want’. She handed me a piece of paper then wound up the window and drove off. I unfolded the paper. Written on it was the name of the medium I had been looking for and her phone number! I couldn’t believe it”. People can perceive their guides in various ways. Guides are not always Native Americans or monks; some people describe their guides as angels or as an energy or light, sometimes a warm, loving feeling. Whatever the format, those who are in touch with, or aware that they have a guide, report a .mon trait: the presence of their guide creates a sense of wellbeing, support, love and a lightness of spirit. Heidi Sawyer About the Author: 相关的主题文章: