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Orange tea long "frost" must be moldy? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea "orange" review: peel Xiaoqing warm, can – in science, since ancient times is the Jianpi Shugan, health Jiapin; Puer diethylene glycol, a gastrointestinal conditioning, slimming effect. When in tangerine peel Pu’er, then the achievements of "Gan Pu" — Zengcha fruit flavor, add fruit tea, health care effect is more significant. Gan Pu is good, we must pay special attention to: peel stored sugar from the bug, "favor", but also easy to damp moldy. However, if the peel surface long white cream, is not necessarily a moldy, it is likely that orange oil crystal formed after sun drying peel release of bergamot oil "". This "frost" on drinking and general quality of Citrus had no effect, generally speaking, sugar or orange peel oil content is high, the cream is also more. (is easily mistaken for mildew "frost") method for distinguishing the "frost" and mildew is very simple: first, "frost" is as frost white; the mold is usually brown or dark green. Then the smell, "frost" smell is still a fragrance; moldy orange cape is miscellaneous taste musty, sour taste bitter and even uncomfortable etc.. Peel the "frost" although is not mildew, also can not relax vigilance against mildew. Especially in the humid South, almost wet tea if improperly stored get in by every opening, good Mandarin, Pu may become moldy moth eaten rotten fruit. Pay attention to what the need to keep the orange cape? Paul, a seal oil is rich in citrus peel oil, easily in the case of air circulation quickly evaporate. Therefore in the preservation of Citrus in general, first to ensure the sealing, so as to better retain the peel rich oily substance. Two, avoid light tea flavor tea in the long-term exposure to light, especially when the sun is shining, the rapid oxidation process will occur, so that the rapid loss of the contents, drink tasteless. Thus in the late storage in Gan Pu also need attention away from light. Three, dry mildew in the moist environment, tea will also quickly Moisture Surge, this tea is easy to peel and mildew. But the air humidity control in a reasonable range, can promote the transformation of Gan Pu, makes the drink taste richer. So next time without looking at the tea "cream" pale, if stored properly, the "frost" Gan Pu The more, the better. If you have more tea brewing and drinking preservation, shopping and so need advice, please add the South Beauty Tea tea room, a tea taster red to personal micro number: dydy280 (long press copy) the exchange of learning. In this paper, tea net transfer. Concerned about the number of love to say tea: aishuocha (long press copy) of tea, you can know here. Click on the lower right corner [subscribe] free access to more information and knowledge of tea. To select the original article [recommended] "six tea who more stimulation? What kind of tea do you fit in? "" minority "tea" was unique to Yunnan, have you tried? "Everyone’s tea is different, do you know why? "相关的主题文章: