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"Our ten years" ahead of viewing friends to v. ten years friendship Tencent entertainment news director Ma Weihao, Liu served as director, Zhao Liying, Qiao Renliang, Wu Yingjie, starring Ban Jiajia, Fan Yichen, Feng Mingchao starring youth nostalgia movie "our ten years" on September 2nd blockbuster release. The day before, the film side held Best Friend features in Beijing special viewing, ten friends together to see the film, real and moving movie audience memories, warm heart touching scene. True friend for ten years total memory of youth strike a deep chord up before the movie "our ten years" organized by the characteristics of special viewing, the scene audience with the idol posters exciting photo and video recording, spontaneous expression of the idol love and expect thrills, excitement shows between the lines. The atmosphere warm and touching, more viewers to see the emotion, qingnanzijin shed tears. Based on the reality of the film, from a variety of angles to show a generation of true youth, exquisite details of the move to impress people, close to the life of the story triggered collective memories. The film makers of the campus life happy funny, familiar scene attracted the audience laugh, can not help but recall when young and carefree you naughty. And out of the campus creative are facing from many aspects of interpersonal relationship, high work load and other issues, has also attracted the audience empathy outbreak, have regrets his journey entering the workplace. In addition, the stars spanning ten years of friendship, but also let the audience call empathy, triggered widespread discussion. Someone told friends with joy along the time: "I grew up together and bestie play slapstick, she worried me, she said I don’t know what trouble can play each other loss, this is our friendship; someone on the expression of friendship endures great expectations:" although we like a a summer like autumn, now work and life are not the same, but the meeting is still close, we walk together for another ten years, will spend the next ten years ", the audience heartfelt words touching, and also the theme of the film echoes, life is more bumpy, but as long as there are intimate companionship counterparts, will also be able to maintain the interesting, youthful spirit. Best Friend features unique creative viewing audience for both the exclusive offer no regrets love this film to hold Best Friend create new styles features special viewing, the story of their most memorable and ten friends invited fans to write down, and pick the 30 message most sincere and moving fans with their friends together to see the film, detonated the audience for the film look, carefully set up activities, but also full of sincerity visible piece party. With the accelerating pace of urban life, the outside world is more and more complicated and gradually occupy people’s attention, the fewer people stopped to examine their own journey of life, the film side held special viewing field to provide an environment for self seeking youth audience, arouse the audience’s memories of youth, guide they found their early heart. It is worth mentioning that the film created by Zhao Liying Zhang Jingyi in the corner for many of the audience left a deep impression, the interpretation of the true nature of the audience seemed to follow her through the back of the green years, with 9.相关的主题文章: