Our victory in 16171st period focus recommended United still need to beware of the downturn-doat

Our victory in 16171st period focus recommended: the weak United still need to beware of Liverpool VS 1.85 Waterford ball half 2.05 chupan the water in 1.95, has now dropped to 1.85. Liverpool’s recent momentum is excellent, in 10 competitions scored 8 wins 2 flat, there is no problem to beat Voight Fukuda home court.             recommended: 3 Swansea VS 1.85 united by a 2.05 ball chupan visiting team level in 1.95, the current rose to 2.05. United’s recent state is quite unstable, Mourinho also can not stand on the sidelines of the field command, the Red Devils still continue to cold may.           recommended: 10 Lecce city VS sebro 2.05 A 1.85 "Lord let hemisphere 1.85 water, the water rose to 2.05 and a half. Lecce city recently state is quite good, give more support to the handicap. But the Champions League draw needs can not be ignored.       recommended: 31 VS 2.10 by a ball Juventus Chievo 1.80 chupan guest let a ball half 2.05 water, the dropped ball 1.80 water. The recent trend of Verona is relatively low, but the bets did not reflect the Juve support, anti flat.                   recommended: 10 Genoa 2.05 Udine VS a 1.85 "Lord let hemisphere 1.80 water, the water rose to 2.05 and a half. Genoa’s current performance is not too good, rose from the fundamental point of view some reluctantly, the Gambling company behind.         recommended: 3 Palermo 2 Milan VSAC by half 1.90 guest Let half a water concession a deeper than last season when meeting the guest Let hemisphere water. Palermo state downturn, Gambling company has been completely off the visiting team is worth a try.             recommended: 0 Sassolo VS 2.12 1.78 the water chupan Pingban Atlanta in 1.90, the current rose to 2.12 super high spot down tie may have been a lot of low SA thoreau.             recommended: 10 VS 1.95 ball half 1.95 inter Croteau "Lord let two ball 2.10 water, has now dropped to the ball half ball 1.95 water. This is when the inter coach De Boer battle, but the bets on inter does not express enough support.           recommendation: 31相关的主题文章: