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Take a few difficult to analyze more difficult? The financial management of financial institutions how to break – tech news: November 7th Texun Sohu to help effectively deal with the financial management of financial institutions, to take the number of analysis more difficult challenges, Wen Hui Hai launched the industry’s leading financial data mart solutions. The program through the integration layer, aggregation layer and interface layer 3 layer architecture, the use of advanced data extraction, data warehouse, data management and analysis show the technology, from the multiple dimensions of cost and revenue management, pricing management, performance management, risk management and financial analysis reports, using multiple models, comprehensive financial data to provide for the financial industry integration, customer processing, summary, help them to improve the fine management performance. As competition intensifies, the interest rate market, private banks and the financial sector continue to strengthen prudential supervision of financial institutions, Chinese gradually from extensive development to intensive development, seeking from the cost income, pricing and risk management to the whole process of integrated financial analysis report, in order to maintain the unity of the financial and non-financial index system. To meet the internal management and external reporting changing requirements. To achieve this goal, financial institutions need to understand the business process and the actual needs, have a comprehensive technical ability, advanced system and implementation method have the perfect solution and can achieve fast delivery. Wen Hui Hai financial data mart and the implementation method through the following advanced technology to help the financial industry customer success. Data extraction: from the products, channels, management accounting, data source of the original data integration, processing, summary, solve the data interaction and data consistency processing; data warehouse technology: through multi dimension architecture unified, integration of the whole financial indicators, provide the storage and management of financial data, taking into account benefit and risk, convenient and efficient way to provide the basis for decision-making at all levels. Data management technology: management data caliber, index processing rules and dimensions, the establishment of the original index and derived indicators of the rules system, to achieve unity and standardization. At the same time, reduce the difficulty of index processing, dimension deduction and total score checking. Data analysis and presentation technique: the fixed form and flexible query, cockpit management and other methods, with the multidimensional profitability analysis report as the core, through various forms of display performance reporting system, and to support the needs of different applications, flexible multi dimensions through the comprehensive output of customers, products, support multi view value analysis. The speed of delivery: processing rules, the solution contains complete standard definition, model and structure, dimension and index database, statistics and analysis of the model, customers only need to provide the original data source, and the final analysis caliber application template, Wen Hui Hai cocoa fast delivery.相关的主题文章:

Exposure to Manchester United winger and Mourinho break by cleaning Juventus or 20 million Sohu to o-lightscape

Exposure to Manchester United winger and Mourinho break by cleaning Juventus or 20 million disk – Sohu   Damian and Mu Shuai sports; relationship Beijing time on September 9th, Italy media "Turin sports newspaper" the news that the complete breakdown of the relationship between Damian and Mourinho, the former Manchester United has been selling price of 20 million euros, Juventus are interested in Damian, deliberately during the winter of January next year window to rent to buy the way of signing him. This summer, Mourinho became the United manager after the transformation of the team, young players were out of Old Trafford; Mourinho wanted to let Schweinsteiger leave, even following put the reserve, remove the first team dressing room and refused to give him the way the UEFA Cup group match for treatment of pig, but the German star still refused to leave Italy; the media "Turin sports newspaper" said the latest news, Mourinho want to send players not only Schweinsteiger, and Damian, the Italy winger is not in Portuguese plan. Because of this, Manchester United in the four season of the new season, Damian has played so far for the number of times, even the big list are not into the. According to Italy media said, is only a matter of time before Damian left, he hopes to buy Juventus to strengthen the right to replace the old Leigh F Steiner and Alves. As everyone knows, Damian is Italy’s main international, in the Azzurri, with Buffon, Barzagli, long and Chiellini Bonucci, if the Bianconeri signed him, so do not worry about the problem into the team. Damian, 26, moved from Turin to Manchester United last summer, the transfer fee of $16 million, the two sides signed a 4+1 contract, the contract period to the summer of 2019. In the past season, Damian has played 39 times for United, scoring a total of 1 goals. Although Manchester Lenovo cleaning Damian, but want to withdraw in Italy wing on investment and the price of 20 million euros last summer. But Juventus want next January Damian on loan, then the loan contract contains a buyout clause, this way can offer to Manchester accept, still can make nothing of it. (little care)相关的主题文章: