but that is because of the competition

Barcelona winger: C Luo concerned only with the golden boot and celebrate strong Messi him too much Alves (micro blog data) to c Luo (micro blog data) "fired" leaps the news sports news July 9 according to the "Aspen" news, in an interview, the Brazilian defender Alves talked about the Lionel Messi (micro blog blog data) and c Luo who is stronger topic, he backed flea than CR7, Brazilian defender also did not forget to satire Real Madrid (data) the best pound for pound only know for their league Golden boot, while ignoring the interests of the team. Alves said, "C, Messi is much stronger! Messi was full of rules in the game, and the C did not, in addition to scoring in the game and to make some specific action, you see him in the game there are other effects? Messi is the rule of force, he was able to individual combat, can also help the team. Messi was just like a gift from God, and Cristiano was just working." "A war between us, but I also admire him, he has made many contributions to the team, but also very good. He also has something that makes me not admire, because I play for the team, I think my team is more important than I, and he rarely consider the real important thing, so that some people criticize, when we celebrate the championship, he was celebrating his best shooter." Alves also to Enrique Lewis and Messi once the argument to explain, sometimes, we will argue, it is because we want to improve. It is true that some people will be angry, but that is because of the competition, people discuss a lot, and everything from the training field of a movement, and the coach and Messi to understand this action is different." "Messi is very competitive. He always don’t want to fall, do not want to see the team after losing, the people’s discussion began overwhelming, everyone have their existence, but we also have a same goal. Moreover, a good family also has a quarrel, is not it?" In Barcelona (official website data) to win the celebration, Alves once said a great deal to let fans unhappy, and now complete the renewal, Alves explained, again to see those pictures or will let me excited, I will own feelings, I have spoken out, I have to say. While I was drinking, I kept awake. I was suddenly aware of what the fans say, and then I began to drink, so that I can clearly express the will." (smoke ring)

otherwise the NBA will begin to find a buyer for the team

7 morning post: Cuban ridicule India Yao Ming retired veteran looking for security – Sohu Sports Beijing time on July 7, the NBA has entered the off-season, the following is today union news summary: Cuban ridicule Yao India recently, the Mavericks owner Mark Cuban updated social media, drying out a short from India’s rookie center Sutter Nan Singh – the Bahamas pull training video, and according to the characteristics of his to the foreign players played a new name. "We took his name from Satnam (Satnam) to Sampson Sampson Don hair his (cut T)!" Cuban wrote on social media. Baja, born in 1995, 2.18 meters tall and meters in height, last season he played for the IMG Institute, he can contribute 9.4 points and 8.4 rebounds and 2.2. blocks. It is worth mentioning that, he is the first in the history of the NBA draft selected India players. Bucks or moved to Seattle, Milwaukee Bucks chairman Peter Fagan said in an interview, the team has not much time to raise last $2.5 billion of arena construction costs, the NBA may the team moved away. Earlier in accordance with the requirements of the NBA, the Bucks new boss must be in 2015 started to build a new arena for the Bucks, the arena construction spending is expected to reach US $5 billion. If a new arena failed to meet began to build, the NBA will have the right to to the price of $25 million will be the team to repurchase, and moved to Las Vegas or Seattle. "Our chances are slowly disappearing," said the fee. "We haven’t had a few months, or even weeks, to wait for the beginning of a public offering." Fagan said that construction of team needs arena to begin in 2015 in October or November, otherwise the NBA will begin to find a buyer for the team, but the team still at least at the Bradley Center until 2017. Retired veteran looking for security according to the reports of Yahoo Sports Reporter Werner Komorowski, there is news that diverged in a ball employees will have a plan from the new TV deal growth yield of billions of dollars of the former NBA players provide health insurance. According to sources, the program is expected to invest 15000000 to $10000000 per year, if the representatives from 30 teams can through this plan, then these retired players will soon start to benefit. The players’ unions have found around 1500 of the world ‘s retired veterans in the name and address, hoping to provide them with three different health insurance options. The two teams interested Hollins according to reports of Yahoo Sports Reporter spears, sources said, free agent Ryan Hollins has attracted the attention of the king and the pelican team. Earlier reports said clippers intends to Hollins back to the team. Now, Hollins is a completely free player, in the king last season, he can contribute 3.1 points and 2.3 rebounds. (Yi Meng)