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Pampers diapers? Three highlights to know – Sohu since the two maternal child policy open, provides a great space for the growth of baby diapers market. The relevant data shows that in the next five years, baby diaper market is likely to maintain high growth, the two digit to 2020, baby diaper sales in the domestic market will reach 100 billion yuan. At the same time, the market also began to appear more diapers brand, product quality is difficult to confirm, the mothers worry unceasingly! Is not difficult, the choice of brands is guaranteed. How about the international brand Pampers diapers? As the world’s first diaper inventor, Pampers has been one of the world’s most popular brand of diapers. Its product line covers diapers, Lala pants, baby wipes, diapers and just have a green, white, purple help help help… Suitable for different needs of the baby. Next, the three highlights of Pampers, let everyone know how Pampers diapers. Pampers diapers: good reputation high sales that many mothers are not strange to the Pampers brand, it is Procter & Gamble’s baby products brand. Since 1997, Pampers in China available, in the target consumer’s popularity has reached 99%, to become the leading China leading brand on the market, very popular with China parents, formed a good reputation. But according to statistics, the more than and 90 countries in the world more than 30 million babies every day in the use of Pampers, is the first fully deserve global sales. Pampers patents for baby diapers: Escort as the industry’s leading brands, Pampers has been committed to the application of cutting-edge technology combined with consumer insight to create a more suitable for China baby and mother products. Such as Pampers’s super soft, white is for high-end products, diapers in Pampers. After four years of in-depth study, more than ten thousand babies in different countries experience, the joint efforts of Pampers hundreds of elite research personnel, 85 technology patents, brought the breath of magic diapers. Pampers continues to lead the industry innovation, only for the best skin care to every baby, baby growth escort. Pampers diapers: quality and safety guarantee of the quality is obvious to people Pampers diapers, on product quality requirements are very strict in Japan, not only for 10 consecutive years to become Japan’s maternal and child hospital recommended brand NO.1, also won several awards award of the Japanese Journal of maternal NO.1 ZhiNiaoKu king reputation. In addition, all of Pampers’s products and materials, before contact with the baby’s skin, have to undergo a rigorous safety and performance test. The test component safety, risk assessment and follow Pampers widely recognized the principle of National Academy of Sciences and the establishment of WHO. No more analytical, we all know how Pampers diapers? Good diapers, is never on the product quality and reputation to prove everything.相关的主题文章: