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Parents do not accept the vocative responsibility: trembling with anger at 0 o’clock in the morning today, vocative responsibility unjust case Hu Ge Ji Le Tu to the public announcement, the relevant departments of the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region public security system of 27 people responsible for the misjudged case responsibility. BYD reporter found that in addition to the New District Deputy Director Feng Zhiming at the Hohhot Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau Feng Zhiming alleged crimes dealt with, other personnel were administrative correctly, party a serious warning and other sanctions. 6 in the morning when the parents heard the vocative Hu Ge Ji Le Tu results from the news. "Very sad", vocative mother Shang Aiyun repeated this old word, sobbing on the phone. She told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, responsible for more than a year to start, did not expect today will be such a result. When he heard the news, he was trembling with anger and could not accept it. Because, in her imagination, it won’t be like this. She has repeatedly self consolation: the responsibility as long as the results can also "pass", give the public an explanation on the line, the family will not insist on chasing. "We are not accountable to all want to investigators, just hope that at least for those organizers such as those of torture, torture him of fraud, has identified a clear legal responsibility. It’s not about how they’re going, but there’s always a legal conclusion. When they do the case? How do you do it?" Today announced the results of the relevant departments of the public security system, 27 people were accountable, but Shang Aiyun believes that the responsibility and not in place. "Such a big case, an innocent child stay at the age of 18, is an administrative demerit, warning it? I am really worried about this cursory accountable, can let those investigators recognize the error? Even the responsibility has not been put in place, and later they can try to run the case?" Shang Aiyun asked. After an interview with reporters BYD, vocative parents repeatedly stressed that when investigators, their attitude is very clear: "who bears the responsibility, who must take. This is also to make future investigators no longer make mistakes." They look through the vocative case vindicated and accountable, to the warning on the later investigators from. To this end, in December 2014 after the unjust case vindicated vocative Hu Ge Ji Le Tu old two, almost every month to take a bus to Hohhot City Intermediate People’s court, the high court of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region procuratorate to ask, the progress of the investigation for the responsibility of misjudged cases. Questioning for more than a year. In the first two days, Shang Aiyun also talked about with his wife, more than a year, the responsibility must always have a result before the end of the year. She said, did not expect to wait for such results. "Who consulted us?" This conclusion is more cruel than no result." It is understood that the vocative parents were procuratorate reception staff to inform the accountability results, will be the first time to notify the family. But as of 8:40 yesterday morning, the results announced nearly 8 hours, the family did not get the notification of the relevant departments. She said that the family is now more emotional, I do not know what channels can reflect their views. And since the rehabilitation so far, there is no department to apologize to the family, say "sorry" to the family". Quiet

呼格父母不接受追责处理结果:气得浑身发抖  今日凌晨零时许,呼格吉勒图冤案追责结果向公众公布,有关部门对内蒙古自治区公检法系统对该错案负有责任的27人进行了追责。北青报记者发现,除冯志明时任呼和浩特市公安局新城区公安分局副局长冯志明因涉嫌职务犯罪另案处理外,其他人员均获行政记错、党内严重警告等处分。  早上6时,呼格吉勒图父母从新闻中得知这一结果。“挺痛心的”,呼格母亲尚爱云老人反复重复这句话,在电话中抽泣起来。  她告诉北京青年报记者,追责启动了一年多,没想到会今天是这样的一个结果。得知消息时,自己气得浑身发抖,接受不了。因为在她想象中,不会是这样的结果。  她之前曾多次自我安慰:追责结果只要还能“过得去”,给公众一个交代就行,家属不会执意追着不放。“我们从始至终并非想要追责所有的办案人员,只是希望起码能对那些主办人员比如那些对呼格严刑逼供的人、造假的人,有个明确的法律责任认定。不是要把他们咋样,但总得有一个法律结论。他们当年咋办的案?咋立的功?”  今天有关部门公布的结果中,公检法系统有27人被追责,但尚爱云认为,追责结果并没有到位。“这么大的案子,一个无辜的孩子生命停留在18岁了,就一个行政记过、警告就完了?我真的担心,这种浮皮潦草的追责,能让当年那些办案人员认识到错误吗?连责任都没追究到位,以后他们能尽力去办好案吗?”尚爱云问。  此前接受北青报记者采访时,呼格父母多次强调,对于当年的办案人员,他们的态度很明确:“该谁承担的责任,谁就一定要去承担。这也是为了让以后的办案人员不再犯错。”他们期待通过呼格案的平反与追责,能对后来的办案人员起到警示作用。  为此,2014年12月呼格吉勒图冤案平反后,老两口几乎每月都会坐公交车,到呼和浩特市中院、内蒙古自治区高院、内蒙古自治区检察院挨个去问,错案追责的调查进展。追问了一年多。  就在前两天,尚爱云还跟老伴儿念叨,一年多了,追责的事情总得在年底前有一个结果。她说,没想到等来这样的结果。“有谁征求过我们的意见?这个结论,比没有结果更残忍。”  据了解,呼格父母曾被检察院接待人员告知,出了追责结果,会第一时间通知家属。但截至昨日上午8时40分,结果公布近8个小时,家属未得到有关部门的通知。她说,家人现在情绪比较激动,不知还有什么渠道能够反映他们的意见。且从平反至今,也没有一个部门登门来道歉,向家人说一声“对不起”。  “今天还是小年,为啥不明天公布……”尚爱云最后在电话里哽咽道。  文/北青报记者 孙静相关的主题文章: