Part of the price of the Yangtze River Delta is deviating from the fundamentals of which cities have

The delta is part of housing prices deviated from the fundamentals which city have investment opportunities, each reporter Yang Lingqiang Hefei house was berserk! Jiaxing out of the "King""! Wuxi property market rapid warming! Hangzhou purchase the night before emerging days turnover…… As if overnight, the property market in the Yangtze River Delta cities are hot up. Bustling behind, whether the crisis accompanying? In addition to Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, the city of Wuxi, with its own value, has a long-term appeal, with the continued appreciation of the potential price, most of the city’s Hurricane Mengjin, will be flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? The "daily economic news" the United Chinese Index Research Institute is coming out of the Yangtze River Delta city value (wealth appreciation potential) ranking reflects this departure from the fundamentals and prices for many, blindly follow the trend of housing investment, even the use of credit cards, usury real estate buyers, the risk must be vigilant in front of…… September 18th, Hangzhou, a number of projects broke out a burst of looting". In the afternoon, Hangzhou launched a new round of purchase of the policy, restrictions on foreigners in Hangzhou buyers, resulting in 18 days of new day trading volume reached an all-time record, reaching a total of 5015 sets. Prior to this, Hangzhou suffered a number of real estate acquisitions, many real estate prices raised. Cover Xishou behavior of real estate began to appear, and therefore receive a ticket. In September 14th, Hangzhou city housing security and the housing authority made a decision to look at China real estate (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. will cover Xishou problems rectification. Not only in Hangzhou, the property market in the whole Yangtze River Delta temperature are rising step by step, and some have even boiling. In August new housing prices have been only 8000 yuan square meters in Jiaxing, the latest shoot a high – Bo Sea No. three bridge plot floor price reached million yuan, Sina Locke expected breakeven price more than 17000 yuan per square meter…… Overnight, the Yangtze River Delta seems to be everywhere expensive, everywhere prices, no one worried that the house can not sell, only people worry about buying a house. However, the risk is approaching step by step. The rapid rise in the lack of basic support, Hefei’s economic fundamentals can not support the rapid rise in prices." China Index Research Institute Shanghai branch Dr. Mao is a professional and complicated research. The study was sponsored by the China Index Research Institute at the invitation of the daily economic news. The call of the Yangtze River Delta region economy, population, city facilities, land, ability to pay and other data, the 21 city of the Yangtze River Delta region value ranking, and in September 27th at the Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund held sixth annual meeting China value of real estate (Shanghai) city forum, issued the "2016 white paper" the Yangtze River Delta city value. At present, the white paper is nearing completion, the daily economic news reporter in an interview with the white paper of the research team found that many cities do not actually have upside potential. If blindly enter, regardless of developers, or ordinary buyers will face long-term deep set. Hefei is such a case. In the first half of this year, Hefei house prices rose rapidly, there are prices four dragons, said. In September 19th, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the "2016 70 large and medium cities in the year of August.相关的主题文章: