Passengers flying jaw off 2 hours landing successfully closed in Wuhan – China Network kasey chase

The passenger plane Chin "off" 2 hours of landing in Wuhan – Beijing successfully closed the newspaper news (reporter Ju? Correspondent Tian Jianqing) yesterday morning, the public Mr. Yi after the holiday from Sanya to return to Wuhan, but in the course of the opportunity to burst, dislocation of jaw, mouth always not closed. Arrive at Wuhan Tianhe Airport, after the doctor will have to reset, open two hours of mouth closure". Recently, Mr. Yi, who lives in Wuchang to visit Sanya. After the end of the trip, yesterday morning to take the capital flight JD5355 from Sanya to return to Wuhan. When the plane took off, Mr. Yi slightly tinnitus, think of the Internet had said that when the plane took off to lift the jaw can ease tinnitus, but also can effectively prevent the aviation otitis media. Mr. Yi in the process of lifting the jaw, the mouth is not fully open, suddenly felt a sharp pain, and the mouth can not be completely closed. He had no choice but to open his mouth and wave to the crew for help. The flight attendants see this case, one side to provide cold towel cold compress to relieve pain, a broadcast to find a doctor for help. On two medical workers to see Mr. Yi’s condition, are said to have never seen this kind of situation, helpless. Now after more than and 20 minutes, Mr. Yi mouth was painful, the unit will promptly report the relevant information to the ground command center, the request after the plane landed, Wuhan Tianhe Airport to provide medical assistance. Tianhe Airport medical center immediately after receiving the command, medical personnel deployed by ambulance to the parked aircraft ramp waiting. 11 pm, the flight landed safely, the door open, the doctor at the gate at the airport lounge to reset operation simple for Mr. yi. 10 minutes later, Zhang has been nearly a mouth for nearly two hours, mr.. It was said that Mr. Yi had a history of jawfall. Subsequently, Mr. Yi smiled and thanked the doctor, the two doctor was stopped, and told the recent dinner, don’t laugh, mouth too big, yawning is also the best point on the chin.相关的主题文章: