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Software PC Optimizer is a newly launched virus program that in just a short span of time has already infected thousands of .puters. Judging by the pace it is spreading online, this virus is threatening to corrupt millions of PCs from around the world. A creation of hackers that security experts suspect are either from Russia or Asia created PC Optimizer, which is nothing but a sham program that is out to skim you of your hard earned money. It would lead you into buying full service packs that are virtually worthless. Under no circumstance should you trust this virus program and should you find that your PC is infected with it, you need to have it removed .pletely as soon as possible. PC Optimizer is a malware or malicious program that gets attached to .puters via actual software programs. Once inside your .puter, it will quickly disrupt applications and disable several .puter processes at the same time. Passwords and pass key codes to personal accounts (bank, credit cards) can also be stolen by PC Optimizer. One hallmark of PC Optimizer is that it will run a fake antivirus scanning tool in your .puter that will show fabricated results, informing you that your PC is inundated with thousands of viruses and is at the brink of shutting down. From this point on, unwitting users would then be easy prey and can be easily led into buying a fake full service packs that PC Optimizer would offer as a solution to their virus woes. Nothing about PC Optimizer is legitimate and all its claims are lies. It should not be trusted and the only way to get rid of this virus is to have it .pletely removed from your system. There are two known methods that you can use when removing PC Optimizer from your .puter. The more timeconsuming approach is by manual removal. This technique is not for everyone as it will require someone to have some degree of .puting knowledge and know-how. You should know either how to set your .puter in Safe Mode or use the application rkill, since you would not be able to remove PC Optimizer via Task Manager after you are infected by this virus. One of the most crucial steps that you need to perform when manually removing PC Optimizer in your PC is to disable the virus first. This will prevent the PC Optimizer from blocking attempts to have it deleted from your .puter. Once this is done, you can proceed to removing the virus and all infected parts in your PC. The fastest way of removing this virus threat in your .puter is to use a good and reliable antivirus program. Frontline Rogue Remover is one of the leading antivirus programs available in the market today and is considered an industry leader. It would thoroughly flush out viruses and similar threats in your PC in no time. It is a fully automated tool that is ideal for people with busy schedules or those who have limited .puting knowledge. To see how you can Remove PC Optimizer by using the tutorials on our website. You can Click Here 相关的主题文章: