Pedestrians bow to the blind man! Tanggu banyan miniascape occupied sidewalk nlite

Pedestrians bow to the blind man! Tanggu banyan miniascape "occupied" sidewalk recently, many people reflect that, in the Binhai New Area of Tanggu spring north extension of the road on the sidewalk was placed more than and 20 pots of bonsai banyan, the banyan tree canopy is too low, coupled with the pot too close to the blind, make healthy people from passing through to the bow, but from the blind blind when they hit the tree after another. The evening of September 24th, the reporter saw in the Tanggu spring north extension Road on the eastern side of the sidewalk, sidewalk blind from a few centimeters distant, placed in a row, more than and 20 large pots planted banyan miniascape. The banyan tree canopy height of only 1.2 meters, and this section of the road is 1 meters wide, so the leafy banyan canopy almost the entire road closure, passing pedestrians from the sidewalk after the side of each basin when the banyan miniascape must first bow, and then bent down, from the sidewalk to the section of the road. Or bow and bend, it would have to go around to the sidewalk, driveway, but it is too dangerous!" On this issue, pedestrians are helpless. The blind Mr. Wang on the 24 September newspaper said he in the afternoon of September 24th after this period of sidewalk, because the pot placed too close to the blind, and with the crown is too low, as if he walked into the "maze" series and potted tree leaves collided. Finally, in a kindly passerby under the guidance of Mr. Wang had to walk the sidewalk, only from the carriageway bypasses this section occupied the sidewalk. To this end, many respondents said that these potted banyan property units can not because of the roadside landscaping, sidewalk occupied impede the normal traffic and safety of pedestrians, hope Tanggu garden management and city departments to prevent the banyan pot properly placed, so that in the amenity, and not impede pedestrian traffic.相关的主题文章: