People’s Daily Red pass number 1. Skynet action is still on the road – Beijing easeljs

People’s Daily: Red pass number 1. Skynet action is still on the road – Beijing international pursuit, let corrupt nowhere to hide (commentators observe) anti-corruption is not a gust of wind, don’t expect to escape the limelight is safe; anti-corruption is not limited to domestic, international cooperation will spread to every corner of the world in November 16th at 3 pm. A special plane landed at Beijing Capital International Airport, among the "100 red" Yang Xiuzhu of the first by a police officer to hold the plane. After a lapse of 13 years and 7 months, from 6 countries, which were due to corruption and renowned "lobby officer" in front of the camera. You hid in the remotest corners of the globe, eventually cannot escape Party discipline "of Five Fingers Group". Red warrant number 1 man surrendered, marked a major victory for anti-corruption work of the international pursuit of stolen goods. Since April 2015 announced since the 100 suspected crime flight state personnel, important corruption cases involved the red warrant, so far, 37 people were arrested, 5 fugitives have been arrested 4 men. To carry out the continuous Skynet action, more coverage of all the flight of corruption and economic crime suspects. As of September this year, "Skynet" were captured in flight personnel 2210 people, including 363 national staff. Red warrant is impressive and fruitful source determination results, the CPC Central Committee on anti-corruption, and vigorously promote the source in the pursuit zhuizang. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed again to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China conference, "to the strong will quality, adhere to the zero tolerance attitude change, there will be the case investigation, there must punish corruption, let the corrupt there is no hiding place in the party!" The eighteen session of the five plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the six session, will be the international pursuit of stolen goods as annual priorities. With a large number of "exotic avoid crime dream flight corrupt have been arrested, many justice personnel said too late to regret, the flight career really feel miserable, surrender and sincere repentance to get inner peace, family peace of mind. The international pursuit of stolen goods is an important measure to curb the spread of corruption momentum, the relationship between the party and the people and the international image of Chinese. The Party Central Committee anti-corruption guidelines and resolve, condensed into the will of the state and promote new progress in the international pursuit of stolen goods, the formation of "object in a foreign country, based on the" work pattern. On the one hand, to figure out how to run away from corrupt officials, how to do a passport, how the money is transferred, do a good job of basic information and criminal evidence collection. On the other hand, the pursuit of the central office to co-ordinate the diplomatic, police, judicial departments, financial resources, the establishment of provincial pursuit ZhuiZang coordination mechanism, the formation of block force, changed the "Kowloon flood situation. The Yang Xiuzhu can be brought to justice, we cannot do without the Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of public security, the supreme law, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of justice, the people’s Bank of Chinese and Zhejiang Province Office of the pursuit of cooperation. In this era of interoperability, no country can shut the door to engage in corruption, closed eyes catch corrupt officials. The international pursuit stolen goods, is also the foreign affairs. General secretary Xi Jinping and other party and state leaders to visit, both multilateral and bilateral occasions, have taken the initiative to set up anti-corruption international.相关的主题文章: